【Hankyu Umeda】Popular every year! Summer-limited, “Mount Baum Matcha” of the Nenrinya comes up again this year!

The Baumkuchen brand “Nenrinya” start to sell summer limited edition item, “Mount Baum Matcha” from April 12, 2019. This Baumkuchen, which has appeared every year, is the 11th year this year. In response to the voice of those who wait for the appearance, it is appearance this year!

Summer season feature “Matcha” of Nenrinya finally appeared!

“Mount Baum Matcha” is a representative work of the “Nenrinya” summer, which is considered to be the “new green mountain range” that colors in early summer. A popular dish with a voice that is eagerly awaited for appearance all year round is finally on sale from April 12 to all stores.
If you are visiting Japan at this time, please give it a try!

Over 11 years of age, mature Japanese Bumkuchen.

“Mount Baum Matcha” appears to be even more delicious from this year.
You can enjoy two flavors of Kyoto Uji Matcha, and the taste of Matcha with increased depth. It’s good to eat cold!

“Mount Maum Matcha” 864 yen (includes tax)

Item Imformation

Mount Baum Matcha

【Sales Period】Summer only / April 12 (fri) – Aug 28 (wed)
【Sales Store】All Nenrinya Store, Hankyu Umeda Store
(There is only Hankyu Store in West side Japan)
【Address】 Umeda Hankyu Main Store B1F
8-7 Kakudacho, Kita-ward, Osaka