【Hankyu Umeda】The chocolate festival “Valentine Chocolate Expo 2020” will be held from January 22!

The largest chocolate festival in Japan, “Valentine Chocolate Expo 2020,” will be held from January 22 (Wed) to February 14 (Fri), 2020 on each floor of the Hankyu Umeda head office in Osaka.

Grand scale! A total of about 300 brands and about 3,000 kinds of chocolate gather.

The “Valentine Chocolate Expo”, which recorded a total sales of about 2.4 billion yen at the time of 2019, will be held in Hankyu Umeda Main Store in 2020. This time around, there are about 300 brands and 3,000 kinds of masterpieces of Valentine chocolate.

La Maison du Chocolat “Paris Juteime” 3,150 yen (tax included) for 9 pieces

A new project focusing on “botanical” “Herbs & Flowers-Botanical Chocolate”

The hottest project at the venue is “Botanical Chocolate” with the theme of “botanical”. In the special booth, natural-oriented “botanical chocolates” will be gathered, focusing on collaboration chocolates limited to the venue, such as plant-derived flavors such as herbs and flowers, and flower-shaped chocolates.

ASAOKAROSE×Morozoff “Rose truffle”

A collaboration chocolate of “asaoka rose” and morozoff, which produces “rose water” extracted from steam from petals of roses grown in Yatsugatake, Nagano, has appeared. An assortment of pink rose champagne truffles with the scent of rose water and sweet truffles of green tea sweet chocolate is provided.

AOSAKAROSE×Ginza Kuya “Japonical”

“Asaoka Rose” also collaborated with Ginza’s Japanese sweets specialty store “Ginza Kuya Sorairo”. They created four types of Monaka “Japonical”, packed with white chocolate paste using rose water, lemongrass, pepper, safflower, and wormwood.

Shimota Farm×Mary Chocolate “Herb truffle chocolate”

“Herb Truffle Chocolate” is a co-production between Ibaraki Prefecture’s herb garden “Shimota Farm” and Merry Chocolate. Spearmint with a refreshing sensation extracted by boiling it with milk is combined with cacao mass from Ghana to create a good-grained ganache chocolate.

“World Chocolate Library”
Bonbon Chocolate Special

Bonbon Chocolat will be featured at the booth of “World Chocolate Library”. Various bonbon chocolates such as ganache with raw chocolate in chocolate, praline using caramelized nuts, liquor like whiskey and filling are included.

The leading names are LA MAISON DU CHOCOLAT, LE CHOCOLAT DE H and LENOTRE. It is possible to eat and compare the variety of bonbon chocolates made by the world’s top chocolateers.