【Hankyu Umeda Main Store】Old tombs are hot with World Heritage Registration! “The old Haniwa (clay image) feast” will be held!

Hankyu’s “Ancient Tomb & Haniwa (Clay image of a man) Festival” has been growing year after year. This year’s 23rd World Heritage Site registered in Japan on July 6th with the “Mozu, Furuichi ancient tomb group” has increased visibility further. This time, which will be the third time, will feature a variety of events, such as an event that gathers ancient tomb items and local tomb items by popular creators, an event where ancient loose characters gather, and a live performance sung by the ancient tomb singer “Marikofun”. Will be



Ancient tomb & Haniwa (Clay image of a man) festival

【Period】Jul. 31 – Aug. 6
【Location】10th floor “Umeda Souk” Chuo Block Park