【Hankyu Umeda Main Store】UHA Mikakuto’s new gummy bears “Kororo” now comes in spring limited flavors! Available for a limited time.

Spring limited flavors ‘Amaoichigo’ and ‘Sato Nishiki’ are now available from ‘cororo’, a new gummi specialty store which Hankyu Department Store and UHA-Mikakuto collaborated. It will go on sale at the Hankyu Umeda store in Osaka from April 1 (Wed), 2020.

New gummy bears specialty store “cororo”.

Launched in 2017 as a collaboration between Hankyu Department Store and UHA-Mikakuto, “cororo” is a new kind of gummi specialty store based on “cororo” gummi sold by UHA taste sugar, and offers new sensations of freshness and fruitiness. What makes it unique is that it feels like eating a fruit even though it’s a gummy bear. It is 1.5 times larger than a normal corro, and has a “full full” and gentle texture. You can enjoy the sumptuous texture that will melt in your mouth the moment you put it in.

Spring Limited “Amao Strawberry & Sato Nishiki

Spring limited flavors ‘Amaoichigo’ and ‘Sato Nishiki’ are seasonal flavors focusing on strawberries and cherries, which are popular fruits in spring. Served in a colorful box, it’s the perfect way to treat yourself or take home a gift for friends and family.


“Cororo” Spring Limited Flavor

【Flavor】Amao Strawberry, Sato Nishiki (cherry)
【Content】60g (2 pieces x 4 bags)
【Price】540 yen (includes tax)
【Release Date】April 1 (wed), 2020
【Store Location】Hankyu Department Store Umeda B1F “cororo”
【Address】8-7 Kakudacho, Kita-ku, Osaka City