【Hankyu Umeda Store】Open for a limited time from January 22. “TOKYO Tulip Rose” first appeared in Osaka.

TOKYO Tulip Rose is a popular sweets brand that opened daily in Ikebukuro and Tokyo Station in 2019, and sold 500,000 units in one month. Such a store will appear on Hankyu Umeda Main Store as a limited time pop-up store from January 22 (Wed). Why don’t you try souvenirs of cute tulips and roses made in beautiful artistic style with beautiful taste and appearance.

Valentine’s special box “Precious”

A tulip rose that the melted whipped chocolate rose blooms in a delicate Langue de Cookies crafted tulip. The most beloved masterpieces of the brand appear in a special Valentine’s box. A set of three flavors: sweet and sour “berry”, deep “caramel nut”, and refreshing “passion mango”.

Tulip Rose / 4 pieces precious 1,188 yen, 6 pieces 1,080 yen, 9 pieces 1,620 yen, 12 pieces 2,160 yen, 18 pieces 3,240 yen

Osaka’s first landing! “Rose Garden” “Chocolate Rosie”

Rose Garden

The theme is “Gnacking fashion”. Baked sweets petals with fruit & epis bloom on the ground of baked chocolate with nuts. Sweet and sour mellow “Casis vanilla” and refreshing “Cardamom citron” are included.

1,296 yen for 8 pieces,
2,376 yen for 16 pieces

Chocolate Rosie

To the secret garden where orange rose is scented. The flower crown on the top is whipped chocolate rose with orange and bergamot. A chocolate tart with a sweet, fruity aroma of pink pepper.

1,188 yen for 5 pieces

“Very rare” sweets limited to Valentine venues.

Very rare Valentine special products that can not be tasted even at regular stores in Tokyo! It’s an original baked chocolate dessert that boasts a mouthfeel like “souffle!”. Homemade pralines with the rich scent of Spanish hazelnuts are sandwiched in, and the “Tulip blooming Tsutenkaku” is drawn on the surface.

Pave chocolate praline hazelnut 1,296 yen (1 piece)


TOKYO Tulip Rose limited store in Osaka

【Sales period】January 22 (Wed)-February 14 (Fri)
【Location】Hankyu Umeda Main Store, 1st basement, Tree terrace
【Address】8-7 Kakudacho, Kita-ku, Osaka
【Phone】 06-6361-1381