【Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store】Valentine’s Day event featuring “Strawberry” will begin on January 30!

Valentine’s Day event “Hanshin Strawberry Chocolate Festival 2020” featuring “Strawberry” will be held from January 30 (Thu) to February 14 (Fri), 2020 at the 8th floor of the Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store in Osaka Is done.

Chocolate Festival 2020 with Strawberries at Hanshin Department Store

“Hanshin Strawberries and Chocolate Festival 2020” is a collection of special strawberry sweets from popular shops around the country, especially in the Kansai region. You can enjoy a variety of strawberry sweets at the eat-in.

Strawberry Mania’s “Strawberry Mania Parfait Dedicated to Strawberry Lovers-Eat Comparison Parfait Using Plenty of Strawberries” is a set of parfait using plenty of strawberries and comparing eight different fresh strawberries. It is a luxurious dish that allows you to enjoy different flavors of different varieties while comparing them.

Strawberry Mania “Strawberry Mania Parfait Dedicated to Strawberry Lovers-Eating Comparison Parfait Using Plenty of 8 Strawberries”
2,500 yen (Limited to Hanshin Umeda Main Store) *Limited quantity each day

In addition, sweets such as Melt in the Mouse’s “Strawberry Milk” soft serve, Tiramisumo Tiramisu in a bottle, Arrow Tree “Strawberry Ame”, and GOJODO-Gojodo- “Furuto Hana no Shiratama Anmitsu” are also gorgeous are in line.

Melting in the mouse “Strawberry milk” 621 yen / “Half & Half” 621 yen / “Original” 491 yen

Drink Drank

Kotoka and Awayuki two kinds drink comparison set 1,100 yen
(Limited to Hanshin Umeda Main Store)
*Also sold separately

Tiramissimo, Tiramisu in a bottle
From Left) ①Marihime Strawyberru, ②Ruby Chocolate × Marihime Strawberry,
③Dark Chocolate× Marihime Strawberry, 571 yen / each
(②③Only Hanshin Umeda Main Store limited)

GOJODO, Kotohana Shiratama Anmitsu, 781 yen (Limited to Hanshin Umeda Main Store)

ARROW TREE, Ichigo Ame (Strawberry Candy) 418 yen for 3 pieces / 638 yen for 5 pieces
*Both are planned to be sold each day 100

“cafe@co.ji from misogen” Medetai Parfait of Strawberry Koji Amazake 801 yen
(Limited to Hanshin Umeda Main Store)

Strawberry chocolate other than eat-in is also fulfilling!

In addition to the eat-in, there is also a rich selection of strawberry chocolate from brands such as Noubergberg Ruta Chocolatier, Vita Mer, Bel Amer, Xture and Gato de Bois. Just looking at the chocolates that devised each store is just fun.


Fraise Chocolat
2,160 yen for 5 pieces
(Limited to Hanshin Department Store)
*Scheduled to sell 1,500

Bel Amer, Palais Chocolate Strawberry 1,728 yen for 5 pieces

SILSMARIA, Snow-berry of Benihoppe from Shizuoka, 1620 yen for 20 pieces

Mary Chocolate Mary’s Parlor, Raw Chocolate of Amao, 756 yen for 55g
* Scheduled sales number 150

Ek-chuah, DORA DORA Strawberry Chocolate 648 yen / piece
* Scheduled sales number 500

GATEAU DES BIOIS, Ruby fraise, 1,296 yen for 5 pieces
* Scheduled sales number 200

Strawberry sweets on event floors on each floor

In addition, from January 22 (Wed) to February 14 (Fri), miscellaneous goods related to strawberry sweets and strawberries will be displayed in the event space on each floor of the building. Check out FUKUNAGA901’s parfait “Ichigo Yama”, which has a vivid cross-section, along with “Hanshin Strawberry and Chocolate Festival 2020”.

4th floor, FUKUNAGA901 “Ichigoyama (Strawberry Mountain)” 1,801 yen
*Scheduled sales 60 each day / *February 5 (Wed)-14 (Fri) Sale


Chocolate Festival 2020 with Hanshin Strawberries

【Event Schedule】January 30 (Thu)-February 14 (Fri) 2020
【Location】Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store 8F Event Hall
【Address】1-13-13 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka