【Hanshin Umeda】Popular ice cream from all over Japan is a big gathering!

It is the perfect event for the time when it has suddenly become hot!

The event “Feeling of travel with soft serve ice cream”, where ice cream and soft serve ice cream can be enjoyed all over the country, is being held at the Hanshin Umeda Main Store, a department store from May 8 to May 21. The event takes place over two weeks and offers a different menu every week.

1st week (May 8 to 14)

In the first week (May 8th to 14th), in addition to “grazing milk soft serve ice cream” (JPY 451) of Tokachi “Kikuchi Farm”, which debuted outside Hokkaido, photogenic popular stores are in full swing. Kyoto “goody” which can customize topping such as cute cookies and Osaka “Nina Cafe & Suites” etc. appeared.

Top Left) “Grazing milk soft serve ice cream” 451 yen
Top Right) Kikuch Firm’s Booth (Selling wooden cutlery and other goods)
Lower Left) goody’s decorative ice cream (Limited to 10 per day) 1000 yen each.
Lower Right) Toppings that can be customized in Nina Cafe & Suites.

2nd week (May 15 to 21)

The 2nd week (May 15-21) is the theme of the local soft serve ice cream. There is a taste that utilizes local ingredients such as “Kuromitsu (Brown sugar syrup) and Kinako’s soft serve ice cream” (420 yen) from Fukui “Gojiru-do” and “Ichigo (Strawberry) Sunday” (486 yen) from Kobe “Kobe Fruit Flower Park Osawa”.

From the left, Gojiru-do, Cafe Etranjer NARAD, Shiga Ryuo Road Station

Event information

“A feeling of traveling with cute and delicious soft serve ice cream”

【Period】May 8 (Wed) to 21 (Tue)
【Hour】10:00 – 20:00
(Offering time varies depending on the day of the week and the floor.)
【Location】Each floor of Hanshin Umeda Main Store
【URL】 https://www.hanshin-dept.jp