【Hanshin Umeda Main Store】 “Osaka & Fukuoka: A Gourmet Gathering of Sweets and Gourmet Foods Only Available Now @ Shokusai Terrace” to Commemorate the Grand Opening of the Whole Building!

The Hanshin Umeda Main Store finally celebrated its grand opening with the completion of the first basement floor “Hanshin Food Hall.
During this memorable week, the first floor “Shokusai Terrace” is brought to you by the Hanshin Department Store’s talented buyers, Hajime-chan representing Osaka and Hiro-chan representing Fukuoka. Hajime-chan navigates Osaka’s food culture, including craft beer, curry, and pure coffee shops, while Hiro-chan enthusiastically recommends a variety of souvenir sweets from her favorite city, Fukuoka.

And more! And more! There will be a full lineup of special events, including talk shows and live drawings by food super-presidents scheduled to appear at the upcoming “Shokusai Terrace. The event runs from today, April 6, through April 11!

Buyer Hajime-chan selects good food from “Shokusai Terrace”, Osaka’s food culture center.

A mecca for public bathhouses, coffee shops, and creative spiced curries!
Osaka is full of niche attractions that we would like to boast a little about to other prefectures.

“Kamigata Beer” Bath Ale (bottled) 770 yen each, etc.

Kamigata Beer, a brewery that renovated a public bathhouse, will be at the venue as a Bar. The “Bath Ale” is a beer that you will want to drink after taking a bath with its gorgeous hops, delicious barley flavor, and crisp aftertaste.

IN/SECTS” spice kit & recipe book
How to Make Spiced Curry in Kansai” (Pa r t . 1 and Part.2) 1,760 yen each (published by IN/SECTS)
How to Make Spiced Curry in Kansai Spice Kit” from 1,100 yen each

Original recipe collection “How to Make Spiced Curry in Kansai” Part.1 and Part.2 (published by IN/SECTS), which were thought up by famous curry stores in Kansai, and a spice kit to make curry from the stores featured in the recipe collection are available. Please enjoy spiced curry easily at home.

Cafe Sunshine
Cafe Sunshine’s special beef curry (per person) 1,320 yen
Sunshine Blend (per cup) 550 yen

The special beef curry, created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the restaurant, is a rich European-style curry with a secret ingredient of extra-fine coffee beans.
After your meal, be sure to enjoy a cup of our medium-brewed, deep-brewed coffee.

Cafe Madrague
Corona egg sandwich (half size / per person) 648 yen

It has taken over the “Cafe Seven” store, which was loved for over 50 years since 1963, and has revived the menu from the closed store, making it one of the most popular stores in Kyoto. The venue featured the “Corona” egg sandwiches, of which the master, Hiromune Sanshiro Yamazaki, was a regular customer.
Please enjoy the thickness and softness of the egg by taking it out.

Fukuoka sweets souvenirs selected by our talented buyer, Hiro-chan

Premium Menbei (Tomato & Basil, Cheese, Sea Urchin, Lemon Herb, Edamame) (5 bags of 2 pieces each) 540 yen each

These “premium menbei” are sold only at the Hakata Hankyu, but now they are available at the Hanshin Umeda flagship store as a special treat!
I was actually involved in the development of this product. I was actually involved in the development of this product, so I am very attached to it. I still remember the joy I felt when we all worked hard to create it! The technique of kneading the flavors into the dough is amazing. We hope you will try them!”

French toast sandwiches (6 pieces) 1,188 yen, etc.

The white gâteau chocolat (maple-flavored) with bread crumbs baked to a crisp texture is sandwiched between white chocolate-flavored cream and custard-like filling. Currently, this is a special product sold only at the Hakata Hankyu, but we are offering it at the Hanshin Umeda flagship store for a special price only now!

Premium Nanban Orai
(plain, Hakata Amao, Mojiko banana, Yame Hoshino tea, Chikuho Sugar Road) (2 pieces each) 500 yen each

The special “Nanban Orai” is usually sold only at the Hakata Hankyu.
The “plain” is made with Spanish Marcona almonds, the “Hakata Amaou” is made with Amaou strawberries, which are representative of the Fukuoka region, and the “Namban Orai” is made with banana jam kneaded into the dough and banana chips on the top as a homage to Mojiko, Kitakyushu, the birthplace of banana takkomi sales. You can enjoy five different flavors: “Mojiko Banana,” which is topped with “Mojiko Banana,” “Yame Hoshino Tea,” which is made with powdered green tea from Hoshino Village, Fukuoka’s famous tea production area, and “Chikuho Sugar Road,” which is kneaded with bamboo charcoal reminiscent of a coal mine in the Chikuho area, inspired by the sugar road in Chikuho!

Satsuma Steamers” Hakata Yaki Doughnuts (1 bag/5 pieces) 497 yen (limited to 200 bags each day)

The “Hakata Yaki Donatsu (Baked Doughnuts)” is sold in Hakata by Kagoshima’s “Satsuma Steam Bakery,” which is well-known for its “Karukan Manju” and “Kasutadon.
The secret to the popularity of this product, which is sold at the Hakata Hankyu and other stores, is that it is not fried in oil. You will want to eat as many as you can. I used to eat them during my breaks when I was working in Fukuoka. Hakata Yaki Donatsu” holds such memories for me. Please enjoy it!

Shiroya” Sunny Buns (2 pieces/pack) 270 yen

Estimated number of items to be sold each day
April 6 (Wed.) 300 packs
April 7 (Thu.) 100 packs
April 8 (Fri.) 300 packs
April 9 (Sat.) 200 packs
April 10 (Sun) 200 packs
April 11 (Mon.) 300 packs

*This product will be available from noon each day.
*Each person is limited to 2 packs.
*Numbered tickets will be distributed at the Shokusai Terrace from 10:00 am. Numbered tickets will be valid until 5:00 p.m. on the day of distribution.

Before I describe the product, let me say this! I can’t believe the day has finally come when I can introduce you to the customers of the Hanshin Department Store!
This “Sunny Bread” is the soul food of Kitakyushu citizens, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is a “local bread. It is a Shiroya’s original bread with soft French bread dough filled with thickened condensed milk. The richness of the sweetness makes it addictive. Sunny Buns” are very famous in Fukuoka, and they are coming to Hanshin Department Store’s “Shokusai Terrace”!


Osaka & Fukuoka “Now Only Sweets, Now Only Gourmet at Shokusai Terrace”

【Sales Period】 Apr 6 (Wed.) – 11 (Mon.), 2022
【Venue】 Hanshin Umeda Main Store, 1st floor, Shokusai Terrace
【Address】 1 Chome-13-13 Umeda, Kita Ward, Osaka, 530-8224
【Official Website】 https://web.hh-online.jp/hanshin/contents/str/index.html
【Official Instagram】 https://www.instagram.com/hanshin_1ffoodevent/?hl=ja

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