【Hanshin Umeda Main Store】A collection of small and cute things! “Small things club” will be held for a limited time.

In this limited time event, items will be sold on each floor under the theme of “mini”, where you can find the fun to collect and the fun to use. There are small and cute items such as “Bonbonniere” which is popular in Europe and miniature cars of popular miniature writers. The event is limited to the period from February 15 to 25.

Small and cute things gather on each floor!

“Monmecci” sculpture sticky note
2nd floor event space @ stage 2

Unprecedented sticky notes engraved with delicate original textiles in a 3 x 3 x 3 cm cross section are designed to shine on the working desk. In addition, small and fun things such as high design pushpins, tie pins and cuffs land in Kansai for the first time from Hokkaido!

“Ohineri No.2” pin batch accessories
3rd floor event space stage 3

With the motif of food and sake, the artist has illustrated pin-batches and accessories with a design that tickles the playfulness. There are also small and cute miscellaneous goods “c-h-o-c” purchased by the owner from overseas, and “THE CANVET”, a canvas bag brand from Made in Japan that can be used for a long time to enjoy changing facial expressions!

“LM (Elm)” embroidery brooch
4th floor event space stage 4

A variety of cute three-dimensional embroidery goods such as clothes and animals have appeared. Arrange them according to your preference by stacking them. Also, it can be customized according to the denim brand “caqu”, which is specially designed for women to wear beautifully!

“PoLeToKo” Pole Pole Animal
5th floor event space @ stage 5

Animal goods “Pole Pole Animals” are handmade one by one using natural trees. A cute item that conveys warmth when taken in your hand.

“Cassette car products” car mouse / “Kaiyodo” Figure / “Kypris” Leather Stationery
6th floor event space stage 6

A cool leather stationery that shines in the study and a PC mouse with the motif of a longing for a classic car appeared. A large collection of small goods that you want to involuntarily collect, such as the figurine healing animal that gives you peace of mind during your work.

“Meotoya Kobo Iro” (from left) Mame-dashi, Hashioki, Bonbonniere
7th floor event space stage 7

You can look at it. You can use it. A small and cute set that you will want to collect.


Small and cute things market

【Event Period】February 15(sat)-25(tue), 2020
【Location】Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store Event space on each floor
【Address】1-13-13 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi