【It’s information about Kyoto Day.】 Starbucks to Release Lucky Charms Limited to Three Kyoto Stores!


Starbucks’ Kyoto limited edition “JIMOTO made Series HIGASHIYAMA” will be available at three stores in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City, from December 13 (Mon), 2021. The charms will go on sale on Monday, December 13, 2021, at three stores in Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City.

Limited edition “Lucky Charms” merchandise at three Starbucks stores in Kyoto’s Higashiyama Ward

The “Lucky Charms” series was developed in collaboration with Koen Shimada Ningyo Kobo, a long-established Gosho Ningyo (*1) doll maker that continues to create traditional Japanese dolls. You will not know which charm is inside until you open the red and white fukudama capsule.

*1 Gosho Ningyou (Gosho Dolls)
Goshoningyou are traditional dolls based on the motif of a cute infant figure. The roots of the doll date back to the Heian period (794-1185), when it was transformed from a life-size doll used to purge the plague to a “Hitogata” (a doll that takes on the role of a person who takes on the role of a disaster), and then to the Gosho Ningyo, a doll used to pray for the safety of the child.

*2 Fukudama
Fukudama is a round red and white ball with a lucky charm inside. They were originally given as New Year’s gifts to children and geisha in the Gion district at the end of the year, and are a traditional cultural tradition that is unique to the Higashiyama district (Gion) of Kyoto’s Hanamachi. On New Year’s Eve, after the bell rang for the New Year’s Eve, it is said that there was a custom of breaking open the gifts and divining one’s fortune for the New Year by the contents.

A new charm featuring the Chinese zodiac sign of the year 2022, Mizunoe

This year’s limited-edition charm is based on the Chinese zodiac sign of 2022, the “Mizunoe” tiger. The tiger is said to be a symbol of the bond between parent and child because of its strong vitality to ward off bad luck and its strong affection for its cubs. The “white tiger staring in all directions” will appear in a Starbucks green pattern to keep bad luck away.

A total of six types, including a beckoning cat and a Koma-dog, are lined up.

In addition to these charms, there are six other charms in the lineup, including three from the beckoning cat series (Shiro, Kuro, and Mikeco), which are familiar as good luck charms for business prosperity, a Komainu, which is a good luck charm for safe delivery and childbirth, and a Haiko, which purges evil spirits from infants. Each of the charms is an original, handmade Starbucks green apron or body suit, carefully brought to life by craftsmen.

The “Lucky Charms” are inspired by the traditional Japanese festivals in Gion, Kyoto. Why not aim for the charm you want and enjoy trying your luck in 2022?


“Lucky Charms: Mizunoe Tora-toshi, Eto Dorei (Earthen bells for the Chinese zodiac, Tiger.)

【Sales Period】 Dec. 13 (Mon), 2021 – Feb 3 (Thu), 2022
【Price】 2,530 yen
Starbucks Coffee Kyoto Gion Hotel Store
Mizunoe Tora-toshi, Eto Dorei (Sand-Bell), Haiji, Komainu Dorei (Sand-Bell), Maneki-neko, Doresi (Sand-Bell) Mike (Mix)

Keihan Gion Shijo Station Store
Mizunoe Tora-toshi, Eto Dorei (Sand-Bell), Haiji, Komainu Dorei (Sand-Bell), Maneki-neko, Doresi (Sand-Bell) Shiro (White)

Kyoto Ninenzaka Yasaka Tea Shop
Mizunoe Tora-toshi, Eto Dorei (Sand-Bell), Haiji, Komainu Dorei (Sand-Bell), Maneki-neko, Doresi (Sand-Bell) Kuro (Black)