【Hilton Osaka】 “Alice’s World” inspired sweets buffet will start on September 17!


Hilton Osaka will hold “Alice’s Mysterious Sweets Tea Party: The Queen’s Audience Room” from September 17 (Fri.) to December 26 (Sun.), 2021.

Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice in Mirrorland” inspired sweets buffet

Hilton Osaka will hold a sweets buffet “Alice’s weird and mysterious sweets tea party: The Queen’s audience room” from autumn to winter, offering about 25 kinds of “slightly strange and fun” sweets inspired by the world of Lewis Carroll’s immortal masterpieces “Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice in Mirrorland. The “Alice in Wonderland – Queen’s Audience Room” will offer about 25 kinds of “slightly mysterious and fun” sweets inspired by the world of Alice in Wonderland and Alice in Wonderland.

The menu is inspired by the sweets that Alice finds in the audience room when she wanders into the castle of the chocolate-loving queen. The “Her Majesty’s Favorite Chocolate Charlotte” is a chocolate bar-shaped mousse surrounded by sponge cake and filled with groseilles (red currants), with the bitter taste of French Weiss chocolate and the acidity of berries.

The White Queen’s Crown, based on the queen Alice meets, is a moist chestnut cake coated with white chocolate. The “Red Queen’s Dress Cake” is a cake with brandy compote cherries, wrapped in bright red berry chocolate to resemble a shimmering costume.

Other items on the menu reminiscent of Alice’s story, such as the “Trumpet Soldier Cheese Mousse” that looks as if it is about to move, and the “Mysterious Cheshire Cat Mousse” with its mysterious atmosphere, filled the table.

Afternoon tea set

During the same period, the MYPLACE Cafe & Bar on the first floor will offer an afternoon tea set that will give you a taste of the Alice world. A box-shaped afternoon tea set reminiscent of a jewelry box will be available.


Alice’s weird and wondrous sweets tea party – The Queen’s audience room

【Period】 Sep 17 (Fri) – Dec 26 (Sun), 2021 *Every day, except on event days.
【Place】 Hilton Osaka 2F “Folk Kitchen
【Address】 1-8-8 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Hour】 Every day from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
【Price】 Monday-Friday: 4,900 yen per person Saturday, Sunday, holidays and Christmas period: 5,300 yen per person
*Children (4-11 years old) pay half of the plan price.
*Includes about 10 kinds of drinks such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc.
*Service charge is included.
【Reservation】 Online or Phone (06-6347-7111)

Alice’s Weird and Wonderful Afternoon Tea Set

【Period】 Sep 17 (Fri) – Dec 26 (Sun), 2021 *Everyday
【Place】 Hilton Osaka 1F “My Place” Cafe & Bar
【Hour】 12:00 – until sold out (limited quantity, 2 hours)
【Price】 4,500 yen per person *coffee and tea included
【Reservation】 Online or Phone (06-6347-7111)