【Hilton Osaka】”Hello Kitty x My Melody x Kuromi” sweets buffet and afternoon tea will be held!


The dessert buffet “Mysterious Sweets Forest – Hello Kitty My Melody Kuromi Collaboration Tea Party” will be held at Hilton Osaka from Friday, September 18 to Sunday, December 20, 2020. During the same period, the ‘Mysterious Sweets Forest – Hello Kitty My Melody Kromi Afternoon Tea Set’ will also be on sale.

The theme is the enchanted “Mysterious Sweets Forest” with a prank by Kromi.

Following the summer of 2020, Hello Kitty and My Melody will continue to be part of Hilton Osaka’s sweets project. This year, Kuromi has joined the team and the dessert buffet will be held at the Falk Kitchen on the second floor under the theme of “The Mysterious Sweets Forest.” which was enchanted by Kromi’s prank, born on Halloween day. Using autumnal flavors such as chestnuts, sweet potatoes, apples, and pears, the exhibition depicts a forest that is getting ready for winter and an enchanting house of sweets.

There will be desserts inspired by the mysterious and magical forest, such as the Mochi Mochi Donut Parfait decorated with Hello Kitty chocolate, Kuromi’s Makuro Heart Chocolate Mousse, which expresses Kuromi’s mischievous feelings, and the Enchanted Pudding decorated with My Melody chocolate.

Some of the desserts include the “White Candle Cake” decorated with Hello Kitty’s trademark “ribbon”, reminiscent of a candle in a candy house, and a lineup of 25 desserts that Sanrio character fans will love.

Afternoon tea served in like a jewelry box

Served in the My Place café and bar on the ground floor, afternoon tea is prepared in a boxy, jewelry box-like format. Likewise, the theme is “Forest of Mysterious Sweets” and there will be a selection of petite cakes featuring Hello Kitty, My Melody and Kuromi, as well as apple pies that Hello Kitty would love.


The Mysterious Sweets Forest – Hello Kitty My Melody Kuromi Collaboration Tea Party

【Period】Sep. 18 (Fri) – Dec 20 (Sun), 2020 (Except for Nov 15)
【Venue】Folk Kitchen, at the Hilton Osaka, 2nd floor
【Hour】15:00 – 16:30
【Price】Monday-Friday 3,950 yen / person, children (4-11 years old) 1,950 yen
4,250 yen / person on Saturday, Sunday and holidays, 2,100 yen per child (4-11 years old)
*Includes 7 types of drinks such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Consumption tax 10% and service charge not included.
*All dishes in the dessert buffet will be served in small portions with the exception of some.

The Mysterious Sweets Forest – Hello Kitty My Melody Kromi Afternoon Tea Set

【Period】Sep. 18 (Fri) – Dec 20 (Sun), 2020
【Venue】MYPLACE Cafe & Bar at Hilton Osaka 1st floor
【Hour】12:00 – Until they are sold out (limited quantity)
【Price】3,500 yen / person
*Coffee and tea included. Sales tax 10%, service charge not included.