【Horie, Kitahanada】 Until tomorrow! Halloween donuts at Cinnamon & Cappuccino.


Natural doughnut shop Floresta, specializing in natural doughnuts, is now selling Halloween limited edition “Cinnamoroll Halloween Donuts” in collaboration with Sanrio’s Cinnamoroll until today!

Cinnamoroll Halloween Donuts

Cinnamoroll Halloween Donuts are cute donuts starring cinnamon rolls & cappuccino for a Halloween costume. The purple Halloween hat they wear is brightly colored with domestic purple sweet potato chocolate. The spider’s web-shaped doughnut base is decorated with domestic pumpkin star chocolate, which adds to the Halloween mood.

Despite its adorable visuals, Floresta’s appeal lies in the fact that it’s made with carefully selected ingredients that are gentle on the body. There is no food coloring, so it can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from children to the elderly. How about this for a Halloween party dessert?


Halloween-only “Cinnamoroll Halloween Donuts

【Sales Period】 Oct 17 (Sat) – 31 (Sun), 2020
【Store (in Osaka)】 Horie Store, Kitahanada- Store