【Honmachi】A new hotel, the b Osaka Midosuji, opened on May 18th.

The b Osaka Midosuji, which boasts stylish yet high cost performance, has opened just a 3-minute walk from the Honcho Station on the Subway Midosuji Line.

Stay in Osaka one rank higher in “The b Osaka Midosuji”.

What kind of hotel are you going to choose to stay in Osaka for sightseeing or business?

A hotel close to the downtown area may be attractive, but … would you be happy if you could easily go out to the downtown area and have a sense of luxury?

It is “the b Osaka Midosuji” that it comes true. This hotel is located along Midosuji, the main street of Osaka, which is easily accessible to Umeda and Namba, but because it is in a business area and so quiet at night, it is a good place to relax and rest at night.

Midosuji view from the hotel.

Modern and stylish hotel

Lobby where art breathes in accelerates pleasure of trip.

Go through the entrance to the lobby of the b Osaka Midosuji.
The lobby of “the b Osaka Midosuji” has a stylish and modern impression in an adult space with dark blue, green and gray.
The lobby decorated with the art of the vigor of Osaka and the strength of existence is like an art gallery.

Good coffee in the lobby is waiting for you.

If you are relaxing in such a stylish lobby, you will notice that the fragrant good smell is floating.

Its true identity is “Free coffee station”
“The b Osaka Midosuji” offers a service where you can have fresh coffee in the lobby.

A break in a comfortable room that heals the mind and body.

The rooms at “The b Osaka Midosuji” are simple and modern, and you can sleep comfortably in a calm atmosphere. In addition, it is highly functional and convenient, such as a work desk that can be installed near the outlet and work can also be installed near the bed.

Twin Room

Enjoying the night view of Osaka from the upper floors.

You can enjoy the night view of Osaka from the room and you can spend a romantic time while looking at the sparkling cityscape. Depending on the type of room, the price, the appearance of the room and the view may vary.


The b Osaka Midosuji

【Address】4-1-12 Kitakyuhojimachi, chuo-ward, Osaka
【Reservation】 https://www.ishinhotels.com/theb/osaka-midosuji/