【Honmachi】Under 1000 yen for 17 pieces of Karaage (Fried Chicken)! Tasty and juicy! “Tenkara Lunch Meal” at “Kiraku”.

The area around Honmachi in Osaka is a business district, so there are a lot of attractive shops. So I’d like to introduce more restaurants in the Honcho area over time, but this time I’d like to introduce a restaurant called Kiraku, where you can eat hearty fried food.

TENKARA ・Good!Tebasaki’s (Chicken wing)restaurant, “Kiraku”

It is conveniently located between Osaka Metro Honmachi and Sakaisuji-Honmachi stations, just a 5-minute walk from both stations. Teba no mise (TENKARA・Good! Tebasaki’s (Chicken wing)restaurant)” is written on the front of the restaurant.

The lantern on the front of the store says “We are proud of our taste and volume”, but this one should be written in a bigger font! In fact, it’s also a big restaurant that only those who know about it want to plunge into it. This is a must for those who want to eat a delicious fried food that fills their bellies.

I recommend the “medium” size first!

When I entered the restaurant and looked at the menu, I saw “Tenkara Teishoku (870 yen)”, “Tenkara Teishoku JANBO (970 yen)” and “Tenkara Teishoku Naka (770 yen)”. There are also Miso Katsu Teishoku and Chicken Namban Fry Teishoku, each of which has the word “Naka” written in red.

If you order the “Tenkara Teishoku” without thinking about it, you may be in trouble. It is easy to think that a set meal with nothing written on it is a normal size, but in fact, this Tenkara Teishoku is a large size. And the “medium” size that I pointed out earlier is the normal size.

The shocking volume of Tenkara set meal!

If you order the regular “Tenkara Teishoku”, which is not a “medium” meal at this restaurant, it comes in heaps.

I can’t help but think, “Huh? You will be surprised. Anyway, the amount is amazing! How many of these are there? One, two, three, four… 15, 16, 17? Is that 18? No, no, it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s more like, “Can I eat so much Tenkara? You should be in a hurry.

Tenkara Meal Set
850 yen

A normal “Tenkara Meal Set” is this volume. By the way, the white rice in the picture next to it is not a small size, but a normal size, isn’t it?

Originally, 10 pieces of Karaage (fried chicken) is called “Ten-kara”, but there are more than 10 pieces.

By the way, it’s a medium size and the amount of fried chicken is 12-13 pieces. 17-18 for a regular tenkara set meal. And when it comes to JANBO, it’s 22-23 pieces! It’s an unthinkable volume. And the price is also very cheap!

The tenkara set meal is 850 yen, the medium size is 750 yen, and the tenkara jumbo set meal is 950 yen.

What’s more, it’s not only delicious in quantity, but also in taste. The chicken used in Tenkara’s fried chicken is a skinless chicken breast. It is very tender and light in the mouth and is seasoned with soy sauce. You may be overwhelmed by the volume, but the lightness of the food makes it surprisingly easy to eat. However, the limit of what you can eat is different for each person, so don’t overdo it.

Please note that this restaurant is listed as “No helpers, one person, one meal per person. If you can’t eat it all, you can buy a takeaway pack for 30 yen, so if you can’t eat it all, take it out.


Tenkara Meal Set 850 yen

【Restaurant name】Kiraku
【Location】Takemoto Building 1F, 3-2-19 Minami-Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
【Hour】11:30~14:00 / 18:00~22:00(L.O.21:30)
【Regular Holiday】Sat, Sun, National holiday