【Horie / Kitahanada】Sanrio’s My Melody & Kuromi will be released as Valentine-limited donuts!


“Valentine Sanrio character collaboration donut” which turned popular characters My Melody and Kuromi of Sanrio into Valentine’s specification donut will be on sale from February 1 (Sat) to February 14 (Fri) 2020 at Floresta, a natural donut specialty store.

The first, Valentine-limited donuts

From February 1 (Saturday) to 7 (Friday), the first week, the first character donut featuring My Melody and Kuromi will be sold. The two-tone ring donut decorated with dry strawberry and heart chocolate is a lovely item with two cute faces. Of course, all donuts can be eaten. My Melody’s face is coated with strawberry chocolate and Kuromi’s face is coated with milk chocolate.

From Left) My Melody, Kuromi, 450 yen + Tax / each

The second, Valentine-limited donuts.

From February 8 (Saturday) to February 14 (Friday), the second week, the second menu with bite-sized “Koro Kolo Donuts” in a cup will be available. The colorful “Koro Kolo Donut” is characterized by the fact that friends of the characters are also mixed. My melody is set with a friend Flat-kun finished with black sesame chocolate, and Kuromi is set with a follower, BAKU who expresses the character color with purple potato milky chocolate.

From Left) Koro Koro Donuts My melody, Kuromi 600 yen + Tax / each

All donuts are free of preservatives and colorings. Since they are handmade one by one in the store, they will be sold in limited quantities.


“Valentine Sanrio character collaboration donut”

【The first week】February 1 (Sat)-7 (Fri), 2020
Character donut All 2 types 450 yen each + tax
【The second week】February 8 (Sat)-14 (Fri)
Korokoro cup donut All 2 types 600 yen each + tax
【Stores】floresta nature donuts Horie store and Kitahanada Store
*There are several floresta shops in Osaka, but these donuts are sold only at these two shops.