【Horie, Yao, Kitahanada】Sanrio’s “Kero Kero Keroppi” has been transformed into a donut! It’s on sale for a limited time.


Kero Kero Keroppi Doughnuts, based on Sanrio’s popular “Kero Kero Kero Keroppi” character, will be available at the natural doughnut shop “Floresta” (excluding some stores) from Tuesday, July 7 to Sunday, July 26, 2020.

Kero Kero Keroppi Doughnuts

Kero Kero Keroppi Doughnuts have a cute visual of Keroppi peeking out of a doughnut. There are four different types of keroppi, such as “Smile,” “Wink,” and “Relax,” each of which is decorated with four different types of chocolate: strawberry, green tea, purple sweet potato, and café latte flavor.

The base of the doughnut is the classic Floresta doughnut, “Milky,” which is drizzled with white chocolate. Its mild and gentle sweetness is a perfect match for each of the flavors. All of the donuts are free of preservatives and colorants, making them safe and enjoyable for everyone from children to the elderly.


Kero Kero Keroppi Doghnuts

【Sales Period】Jul. 7 (Tue) – Jul. 26 (Sun)
【Price】450 yen + Tax
【Store】Horie Store, Yao Aoyama St. Store, Kitahanada Store