【Hotel Hankyu International】A buffet with bartender experience will begin on July 17th, with a train view lunch to be tasted at the “special seats”.


Two types of lunch plans for families with children will be released at Hotel Hankyu International on July 17 for summer vacation.

Train View Lunch for children who like rides.

A limited four-day lunch course that you can taste in the “Train View Sheet” of the high floor restaurant. A train-shaped cake colors the moment after a meal.

Train View Lunch ” Sourire”

※ Only four meals a day

【Period】Jul.17 – Aug. 12
【Hour】 11:00~14:00
【Price】5,000 yen / person
【Benefits】Invitation to “Model Train Festival 2019”
Restaurant & Sky Banquet “Solamente”
【Reservation】 06-6377-3389

Only one seat in the store. Guided by a “Train View Seat” that overlooks the way a train comes and goes on the track

“Workshop lunch” ticking children’s curiosity

After enjoying the lunch buffet, move to the hotel’s main bar and become a bartender to enjoy making non-alcoholic cocktails.

“Buffet plan” with kids workshop

【Event date】Aug. 17
Buffet 11:00~/13:30~
Cocktail making 13:30~/16:00~
【Price】4,000 yen / Adult
2,200 yen / child
Buffet & Cafe Restaurant “Night & Day”
【Reservation】 06-6377-3618