【Hotel Hankyu International】Like “Eating” Earl Grey Tea (Shaved Ice) will debut for summer time!

Hotel Hankyu International’s Tea Lounge “Partarre” will start selling shaved ice like “eat” Earl Grey Tea from May 1st, 2019 (Wed), during the summer season.

About Tea Lounge, “Partarre”

Hotel Hankyu International, a popular city hotel with spacious rooms and elegant facilities, with panoramic views, located at Umeda, Chaya-machi, the entrance to Osaka Kita (North Osaka). The second floor of that is the Japan Tea Association-certified “Delicious Tea Shop” , the Tea Lounge “Partarre”. It’s a lounge where you can have a relaxing time with afternoon tea that you can enjoy seasonal sweets and snacks along with drinks.

As of February 2018 There are only 20 delicious tea shops and certified shops in Osaka.

Shaved ice sweet “Parfum”

The “Partarre” offers shaved ice which is elaborated every year. This year, they will prepare an article of Earl Grey tea, which is one of their proud teas certified by the Japan Tea Association as a “delicious tea shop”, and freeze it. You can enjoy four flavors by combining it with a sauce and ingredients placed in ice.

(1) As it is
Straight tea style

(2) Apply “honey lemon syrup”
Lemon tea style

(3) Put on “spreading milk sauce”
Milk tea style

(4) mixed with “red beans” & “vanilla ice” in
In “anko milk tea” style

“Azuki” and “vanilla ice” appear from the inside of the ice.


Summer shaved ice sweets, “Parfum”

Date / May 1 – Aug.31 2019
Hour / 10:30 – 19:00
Price / 1,500 yen (includes tax & service)
Location / 2nd floor of Hotel Hankyu International, Tea Lounge, “Partarre”
Contact / 06-6377-3631