【Hotel New Hankyu Osaka】An unlimited-time, all-you-can-eat and drink, “Hankyu Top Beer Garden” will open on April 26th!

Every year the popular “Hankyu Top Beer Garden” opens at the hotel new Hankyu Osaka on April 26, 2019. Under the concept of “Camp x America”, the superb impact and exceptional menu unique to “America” ​​will appear in this year. Drink menu item will be powered up by adding sour or non-alcoholic cocktail “mokutel” for drinks. In addition, a dedicated server is now available to enjoy four types of craft beer as free-flow at popular “Glamping corner”

Variety of menus

Excellent impact! Arrange & idea menu

American Hamburger is used to resemble Grand Canyon.

American size oversized hamburger! In addition to patties and tomatoes, it also contains Neapolitan, and it’s a perfect score. The stacked hamburgers are like “Grand Canyon”

Red Rock Meat

A striking item with a vivid red and rocky form. There are lumps of pork in glutinous dough. Serve with honey mustard sauce with tapioca.

CAMP NIKU JAGA feat. Roasted beef

It is a blazing meat-boiled whole simmered with ingredients. They offer sliced ​​beef which is specially prepared to make it easy to eat.

Large pot American egg

An egg on egg dish that combines boiled red eggs and scrambled eggs containing ham and paprika.

Popcorn dog with spicy soy sauce

This is an idea menu that popcorn is applied to Frankfurt with Spicy Mayo.
It’s good for snacks of liquor.

Girls must see! Performance dessert!

Wafflesmore is used to resemble Niagara Falls.

The waffles are stacked with milk sauce and flaming the flames with a flambe to create a Niagara Falls. Serve with marshmallows that are familiar at the camp and with tropical sauce!

Special Seat

You can enjoy 4 kinds of craft beers that are not in the regular menu in the “Glamping Corner” and “Couple Seat” in this year.

Spring Valley Brewery
・ 496 (Yonkyu Roku)
・ On the cloud
・ Jazzberry
・ After dark

Glamping Corner (2 places)
¥ 6,000 per person

The above 4 kinds of free-flow + food platter, so you can toast without waiting in a row.

Couple Seat * May / September
limited 2 pair per day
Pair 9,000 yen

A sofa seat where you can relax. The above 4 types of drink comparison set included (※ not free-flow.)


Hankyu Top Beer Garden, TOP OF HANKYU “Beer Camp”

Date / April 26 to September 23
Hour / 17:30 to 21:00 / 15:00 to 19:00 for Apr. 27 to May 6
Price / Adult 4,300 yen / Child (4 yo to 12 yo) 2,300 yen
Location / Hankyu terminal building roof
Reservation / 06-6375-1780