【Hotel New Otani】The popular Mont-Blanc, “Super Mont-Blanc,” will be available again for a limited time this year!


Hotel New Otani’s popular “Super Mont Blanc” will be released again this year. The new products, created in collaboration with long-established Japanese confectionery store Funabashiya, will be available for a limited time from Tuesday, September 1, 2020, at the Patisserie SATSUKI hotels in Tokyo, Makuhari and Osaka.


Super Mont Blanc, a popular dessert at the Hotel New Otani

The Hotel New Otani’s famous “Super Mont Blanc” is a seasonal sweet made with lavish use of Japanese chestnuts and has sold more than 20,000 units nationwide. It is three times larger than a regular Mont-Blanc, and the secret to its popularity is the carefully selected “marron paste”.

Only Japanese chestnuts that have reached their “best time to eat” are used

The most distinctive feature is the use of Japanese chestnuts that are at their best in season, such as “Rihei”, the “Miracle Chestnut”, “Ginyose”, the “King of Chestnuts”, and the rare “Hitomaru” variety. In addition, the amount of fresh cream is kept low to bring out the true flavor of the chestnuts in this marron paste.

The finest materials

In addition, the center of the Mont-Blanc is filled with special ingredients that enhance the marron paste. Sweetened chestnuts from Kumamoto prefecture are wrapped in almond milk, and combined with sweetened red bean paste and soy milk white ganache, the elegant taste of a “Japanese sweet” is realized.

Collaboration with Funabashiya’s Kuzu-mochi

Every year, Super Mont-Blanc evolves little by little by introducing new ingredients, but this year, the brand is collaborating with a new kuzu-mochi (kuzu rice cake) made by the long-established Japanese confectionery shop Funabashi-ya. The addition of “Matcha Soy Milk Kudzu” with Uji green tea and “Caramel Sauce” with Wasanbon sugar to enhance the sweetness of the Japanese chestnuts makes the “Super Mont Blanc” even more delicious.


Super Mont Blanc

【Sales Period】September 1, 2020 – late January 2021 (scheduled)
【Sales Price】3,300 yen + Tax
【Location】Patisserie SATSUKI in Hotel New Otani OSAKA (Loby floor)
【Address】1-4-1 Shiromi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Hour】10:00 – 20:00