【Hotel New Otani Osaka】A premium buffet, which you can enjoy “Mont Blanc Taste Comparison” and Shine Muscat!


“Sweets & Sandwich Buffet-Chestnut & Grapes-” will be held from September 7th (Sat) to December 8th (Sun), 2019 at Hotel New Otani Osaka, Tea & Cocktail “SATSUKI LOUNGE”.

Too luxurious “3 types of Mont Blanc taste comparison”!

“Sweets & sandwich buffet-chestnuts and grapes-” perfect for the fall of appetite that gained popularity last year. They will welcome you with a luxurious lineup that adults can enjoy, including comparing three types of Mont Blanc. During the Halloween period until October 31 (Thu), many Halloween sweets featuring pumpkin, such as pumpkin chiffon cake and pumpkin pudding, also appeared. The atmosphere of “Adult Halloween” with precious white and black and sweets using carefully selected chestnuts will surely satisfy your stomach and heart.

Fascination ① “3 types of Mont Blanc eating comparison” using carefully selected chestnuts and pumpkins.

The recommendation of this year’s buffet is “Compare three kinds of Mont Blanc” using French chestnut, Italian chestnut and pumpkin. The French chestnut Mont Blanc, characterized by the original taste and firm aroma of chestnuts, allows you to enjoy the rich taste of moist maroon paste. On the other hand, Italian chestnut Mont Blanc is a gem with a light taste and easy to eat and elegant taste. Another addition to this comparison is the pumpkin Mont Blanc, perfect for Halloween. The sweet texture that is different from the chestnut is exquisite. Enjoy 3 types of Mont Blanc that can only be enjoyed at the buffet.

Fascination ② Special gift “Waguri (Japanese chestnut) no Mont Blanc Plate” for those who make a reservation.

In addition to comparing three types of Mont Blanc, a more luxurious dish appears. Only for adults with advance reservations, you can enjoy “Waguri (Japanese chestnut) Mont Blanc Plate”. Mont Blanc, which has a large fruit and lavishly savory Japanese chestnuts, is a masterpiece for adults with a modest sweetness. Feel the coming of autumn on the “Japanese” welcome plate with plum and grape compotes.

Fascination ③ The highest peak of grape sweets “ Shin Muscat Tart ” also appeared.

“Shin Muscat”, known for its high-quality fruit, is characterized by being eaten with its skin in the same size as Kyoho. Since the sugar content is as high as 20 degrees and the sweetness is strong, the compatibility with the cream is also excellent. Please spend a time of excitement to the taste that melts in the mouth of the tart using such Shine Muscat luxuriously.


Hotel New Otani Osaka
Tea & cocktail “SATSUKI LOUNGE”
“Sweets & sandwich buffet-chestnuts and grapes”

【Event date】September 7 (Sat)-December 8 (Sun), 2019
【Hour】1st part 11: 30 ~ 13: 00 / 2nd part 13: 30 ~ 15: 00
(Part 2 is held only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
Adult Weekdays ¥ 5,500 / Saturdays, Sundays and holidays ¥ 5,800, Elementary school students (7-12 years old) ¥ 2,500,
Infants (4-6 years old) ¥ 1,000
【Location】 Tea & cocktail “SATSUKI LOUNGE” (1st floor of Hotel)
【Reservation】06-6949-3276 (SATSUKI)