【Hotel New Otani OSAKA】Matcha lover gather! “Sweets & Sandwich Buffet-Matcha and Chocolate Hospitality-” will be held for a limited time.


At the Hotel New Otani Osaka, “Sweet & Sandwich Buffet-Matcha and Chocolate Hospitality” will be held from May 11 to June 30, 2019 at the tea & cocktail “SATSUKI LOUNGE”. This time, you can eat as much buffet sweets as luxury sweets such as “Super Chocolate Short Cake” that is cut 1,250 yen or more per cut at “Patiserie SATSUKI”, the hotel’s sweets boutique.

5,500 yen per person / weekday
5,800 yen per person / Saturday, Sunday

Matcha & Chocolate

The theme for this year’s event is “Matcha and chocolate” following “Sweets & Sandwich Buffets – Strawberry Picking at a Hotel –” which has attracted much more than 35,000 customers and has made significant gains in both the number of customers and sales for seven consecutive years. In this sweets & sandwich buffet, chocolate tea and chocolate collaboration sweets are lined up in places. A lineup of “Full of Matcha ” is waiting for you, such as the popular “Matcha Opera” using Uji Matcha, and the “Uji Matcha Roll” that wraps a large amount of Dainagon Azuki.

Enjoy Matcha thoroughly!

There is a buffet with about 20 kinds of sweets and a variety of meal menus, and an unlimited amount of matcha (sauce, powder) is available for matcha lovers. There is no doubt that any of the sweets and gourmets will match any of Uji-refined top quality “Tencha”, which is the raw material for matcha tea, and “Fresh Matcha” finished with a fragrant flour. In addition, if you add “warm hot matcha sauce” using only advanced Matcha, the moment you put it in your mouth, you can spread the high-quality and elegant smell. In addition, “Espuma”, which has become a topic of cuisine for “light bubbles like air,” will also be released, and not only the aroma but also the texture will be fun.

Transcend the buffet level!
Popular luxury sweet “super series” also appeared!

Luxury sweets are also available, usually more than 1,250 yen per cut, using carefully selected admirable materials. From the “Super series” which has become a hot topic in the media, using “new edo dainagon short cake” of “edo SWEETS” that arranges the traditional sweets and materials unique to Japan in a contemporary style, and the sole ingredients of the chef’s attention Super chocolate short cake also appeared.

“Super series” full of lavish

New Edo Dainagon Short Cake

It is a masterpiece that you can enjoy the blessings of Japan, such as fragrant green tea picked in Uji in Kyoto, and a refined sweet black honey anko using the Daiten language from Hokkaido.

Patisserie SATSUKI selling price : 1,250 yen

Super Chocolate Short Cake

Use Columbian Santander characterized by soft acidity and rich flavor in chocolate, and use three layers of dough with a white sponge cloth and a special brown rice egg, and add a Japanese Sanbon syrup syrup for a moist texture .

Patisserie SATSUKI selling price : 1,550 yen


“Sweets & Sandwich Buffet-Matcha and Chocolate Hospitality-“

【Period】May 11 – June 30
【Hour】Part 1, 11:30 – 13:00 / Part 2, 13:30 – 15:00
(Part 2 is held only on Saturdays and Sundays)
【Price】Weekday, Adult 5,500 yen / Saturday, Sunday Adult 5,800 yen
Primary school children 2,500 yen / Toddler 1,000 yen
【Location】Tea & Cocktail SATSUKI LOUNGE @Hotel New Otani Osaka