【Hotel New Otani Osaka】New sweets that express “crimson roses” such as red tart with petals will be released at Hotel New Otani.


New sweets with the image of crimson roses will be released at Hotel New Otani’s “Patisserie SATSUKI” from May 7 (Thu) to July 5 (Sun), 2020.

Inspired by a beautiful rose garden

“Red Rose Garden” of Hotel New Otani, where 30,000 species of 30,000 crimson roses are in full bloom. Two new rose sweets, “Rose Rose Roll” and “Red Rose Flan”, represent this beautiful garden.

Roll cake with rose scent

“Red Rose Roll” is a roll cake in which rose-flavored agar and lychee pulp are wrapped in a dough together with rose-scented cream. Rose sweets with a more gorgeous look thanks to ruby ​​chocolate, white chocolate and edible flower toppings.

Tart with rose petals

“Red Rose Flan” is a special dish made of specially-made tart with lychee and fragrant brown rice egg flan. Also note the artistic visuals that highlight the beauty of flamboise and pretty rose petals on the top.

Collaboration sweets, etc.

In addition, at the restaurant, the signature sweets “Ispahan” of PIERRE HERMÉ PARI) and the “Ultra Super Shortcake”, which is a combination of Patisserie SATSUKI’s “Ultimate” shortcake “Extra Super Shortcake”, and rose petals Rose sweets, such as the crimson macaroon “Red Rose Macaron” that reminds of “Sale”, are sold throughout the year.

Following last year, a seven-layer “crispy” mille-feuille “red rose mille-feuille” consisting of framboise and lychee flesh and rose-flavored soy milk cream will reappear in the same period.


Patisserie SATSUKI” New Rose Sweets

【Sales Period】Thursday, May 7, 2020-Sunday, July 5, 2020
【Location】Hotel New Otani Osaka lobby floor “patisserie SATSUKI”
【Address】1-4-1 Shiro, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi
【Reservation, Inquiry】 06-6949-3298 (10:00-20:00)