【Hotel New Otani OSAKA】”The beer garden of night play older guys” will open on May 10.

Hotel New Otani Osaka will open a beer garden from May 10 to July 7, 2019, with a theme of “The beer garden of night play older guys” at poolside dining “THE TERRACE”. It is an adult beer garden where JAZZ flows in a superb view poolside overlooking Osaka Castle.

Superb view poolside beer garden with a view of Osaka Castle.

Hotel New Otani Osaka, a luxury hotel located next to Osaka Castle. The popular beer garden is open every summer in the poolside dining “THE TERRACE” located on the third floor.

This year’s theme is “The beer garden of night play older guys”. In the space where the famous music of JAZZ flows, you can enjoy the gourmet. Nice line-up drinks for night play guys is available.

If you make a reservation from the official website by the day before, you can also use the online reservation discount for free drinks available at ¥ 2,800 per person for ¥ 2,500.
(※ All 90 minutes)

Superb view of Osaka Castle

From the poolside at the hotel rooftop you can enjoy the view of the adjacent Osaka Castle Tower. At night, Osaka Castle is lit up and becomes fantastic. LED lights are illuminated on the surface of the pool and the poolside, creating a sparkling space.

“THE TERRACE” is just an extraordinary photogenic space for adults

Commitment gourmet of assent as well as summer guys.

All 15 types of gastronomic guys gourmet.

The highlight is a beef filet steak called “Rocky Mountain”. You can enjoy 300g and powerful steak meat.

In addition, there are about 15 kinds of “gastronomic guys gourmet” such as mozzarella cheese and cherry tomato, alcohol snacks such as caponata of raw ham, potato fly with truffle salt, black burger with double patties, etc. It is a special food for summer only to satisfy the delicious guys of the tongue.

Drinks are too happy to lineup at night play old guys.

You can see fashionable cocktails such as Tequila Sunrise and Passoa.

In addition, standard whiskey for adults, Mojito for royal road lamb base cocktail of resort cocktail, long-established popular gin tonic, and real cocktail made by hotel bartender such as gin ricky are prepared. You can enjoy luxury and free flow.

Let’s get drunk on adult Jazz.

Besides live jazz performances by professional jazz musicians, there will also be a hula dance show.

In addition to the usual “table seating”, there is also a “deck chair seating” where you can enjoy summer relaxation in addition to the usual “table seating” where there are many famous songs that Latin Jazz plays. (Free / first-come to 3 groups 6 people)

FRIDAY JAZZ NIGHT will be held!
Live performances by jazz musicians are also limited each Friday. You can fully enjoy the session that takes place in front of your eyes with one hand of beer.

The whole poolside becomes “adult playground”

This year’s poolside dining “THE TERRACE” is a bit different.

As a playground where summer guys flash, ping pong and darts are lined with exciting games that adults can enjoy.

Enjoy the extravagant moments that can only be tasted at the hotel poolside.


Hotel New Otani Osaka
Poolside dining “THE TERRACE”
“The beer garden of night play older guys”

【Period】May 10 to July 7
※ They are open only on Friday, Saturday in May
【Hour】18:00~22:00(Final entrance 20:30)
【Location】Hotel New Otani Osaka Poolside dining “THE TERRACE” (3F)
【Price】2,800 yen / person, Free-flow
*Customers who have made a reservation from the official website by the day of online reservation allowance can use it for 2,500 yen.
(※ All 90 minutes)
【Reservation】 050-3187-5731 (THE TERRACE direct)