【Hotel New Otani Osaka】The strongest buffet that enjoys meat & exquisite sweets will be held for 2 days only!

At Hotel New Otani Osaka, the “excellent meat buffet” where the finest meats and luxury sweets are concentrated, “The Strongest Gourmet Buffet-Meat Otani & SATSUKI Sweets” will be held on August 11 (Sun) and 12 (Mon) on August 11, 2019. This year, they aim to be the “Japan’s best meat buffet” and have the strongest lineup.

The meat and sweets at Hotel New Otani stand close side by side!

The event is a special buffet for two days, with a combination of high-class meat dishes and high-quality sweets. From meat dishes such as beef steak grilled in front of you and grilled Wagyu beef sushi, Chinese specialties of high-class Chinese food, Peking duck to foie gras, shark fin, truffles, high quality food such as a sea eel, and sweets at Patisserie SATSUKI sweets boutique, It is a luxurious buffet packed with the charm of the hotel gourmet.

The beef filet steak finished in front of the eyes is a supreme dish that brings out the taste of the meat with a gravy sauce that makes use of the flavor of the meat.

“Zanthoxylum fruit smells! Wagyu beef tee plate sukiyaki “(day and night common menu)
※ Only 1 menu per adult only for this menu and “Stirred Wagyu beef sushi” (night limited menu)

Japanese beef teppan sukiyaki, which is the best in Japanese beef with a good consistency with fat and finished in a grilled style, is one of the menu items of interest.

All you can eat sweets “super series” more than 1,500 yen a piece!

It is a sweet that shines in a buffet stand without equalizing meat dishes. A lineup of high-class sweets “Super Series”, such as “Patisserie SATSUKI,” including “Super Melon Short Cake,” in which the sweetness and aroma of muskmelon are enhanced. Despite the high price range of ¥ 1,500 to ¥ 3,800, you can enjoy the sweets that are popular every day and sold out.

Super Mango / 3,800 yen


“The Strongest Gourmet Buffet-Meat Otani & SATSUKI Suites ~”

【Date】August 11 (Sun), 12 (Mon. Holiday), 2019
【Hour】Lunch 11:30~14:00 / Dinner 17:00~20:00
Lunch / Adult 10,000 yen / primary school child 5,000 yen / infant (4 to 6 years old) 3,000 yen
Dinner / Adult 14,000 yen / primary school child 8,000 yen / infant (4 to 6 years old) 4,000 yen
【Location】The Phoenix Hall (2nd floor of Hotel New Otani Osaka)
【Reservation】 0570-00-2345