【Hotel New Otani Osaka】Valentine is coming soon! Why don’t you find “reward sweets” for adults at Hotel New Otani Osaka?

At Hotel New Otani Osaka, from February 1 (Saturday) to February 14 (Friday), at the cake shop “Patisserie SATSUKI”, a bright red chocolate box in a three-tiered gift box will be displayed during Valentine’s Day. Eight kinds of chocolate sweets are sold, including “Original Bonbon Chocolat” like “jewelry box” packed with.

Chef patissier gives adult taste.

Valentine’s Day 2020 will offer “reward sweets” for adults. In addition to the popular “bonbon chocolate” and the “Valentine Macaron” that are very popular every year, black truffles, high-quality ingredients, are available as an exclusive product in Osaka. A selection of specialty sweets using carefully selected ingredients, such as Guatemalan rum “Lonsakapa”, which is also used as the best fruit cake “Super Fruit Cake”, which is a popular gift sweet at Patisserie SATSUKI, is on sale.

“Original Bonbon Chocolat”

“Original Bonbon Chocolat,” a bright red box packed with three levels of colorful chocolate, is the work of Grand Chef Shinsuke Nakajima who is particular about the taste of each chocolate. Ganache, a mixture of domestic pepper and smooth milk chocolate, pralines of flavorful hazelnuts, molds with sweet and sour passion fruit jelly, studded with a variety of materials are studded in one box, and 24 pieces of tasty chocolates are spread all over. This gift box type chocolate is perfect for delivering a crush like a jewelry box.

Colorful “Valentine macaroons” of 7 types and 7 colors

1,800 yen + Tax for 7 pieces

In addition to the standard bitter chocolate macaroons using high quality chocolate, you can enjoy seven types of macaroons: caramel cell, vanilla, praline, pistachio, Earl Gray, and Hojicha.

Classic gift chocolate! Royal Sweets “Gato Chocolat”

The chocolate dough with walnuts is soaked with the finest chocolate from Belgium and baked to give a moist feeling. The chewy chocolate that spreads in the mouth at the moment of eating, the rich chocolate with a long lingering finish that spreads at the same time, the chewy chocolate grains and the texture of walnuts that are pleasant each time you chew are fun gateau chocolates. You can enjoy two types of “milk” and “sweet” in one box.

1,000 yen + Tax for 2 pieces

Super series chocolate cake! “Super Chocolate Shortcake”

1,500 yen + Tax for 1 piece

Chocolate shortcake of super series, popular series handled by Grand Chef Shinsuke Nakajima.
The main chocolate is made of Colombian Santander, which has a soft acidity and rich flavor. The sponge is made of three types of dough, including special dough made from chicken eggs raised on brown rice that is pesticide-free.

Feast of 14 layers. “Super Opera” wearing jet-black chocolate

1,500 yen + Tax for 1 piece

“Super Opera” is a chocolate cake from the “Super Series” with gorgeous decorations. The dough, 8.5cm tall, consists of 14 layers, each of which is packed with the chef’s commitment. Two types of ganache, two types of butter cream are sandwiched between seven layers of espresso-containing biscuit to finish into 14 layers, and caramelized almonds are added as accents. This is a superb chocolate cake that uses the chef’s delicate techniques, such as changing the layer thickness and ingredients.

Osaka limited product

Premium sweets for adults. “Black truffle macaron”

Premium gem that is finished with gold powder, sanded with chocolate ganache (using 61% cocoa beans), which is a mixture of macaroon dough with a crisp texture and plenty of fragrant black truffles. An exquisite “adult” sweet with an exquisite balance of sweetness and bitter sweetness. By all means, please enjoy with “Port wine” from Portugal, which is excellently compatible with black truffle macaroons recommended by Hotel Sommelier.

850 yen + Tax for 3 pieces

Enjoy the Mariage of Strawberries and Chocolate “Fiantine Chocolat”

1,100 yen + Tax for 2 pieces

Fiantine, a traditionally baked French confectionery that means “bake thinly” in French. “Strawberry chocolate” mixed with freeze-dried strawberry, sweet chocolate is sanded and finished with a solid and crunchy texture.

“Truffle Chocolat Aurum” with rich scent of premium rum “Ron Zacapa”

1,800 yen + Tax for 6 pieces

Uses Ron Zacapa, a premium rum from Guatemala with a mellow and well-balanced flavor that is also used in super fruit cakes. As soon as you put it in your mouth, the rich scent spreads and enhances the flavor of truffle chocolate.


St. Valentine’s Day 2020 at Patisserie SATSUKI

【Sales Period】February 1 (Sat)-February 14 (Fri), 2020
【Location】Hotel New Otani Osaka at Bread & Cake “Patisserie SATSUKI”
【Address】1-4-1 Shiro, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi
【Web】 https://www.newotani.co.jp/osaka/restaurant/p-satsuki/valentine/