【Hotel Nikko Osaka】Afternoon tea with “Osaka specialties” as sweets will start for a limited time!


Naniwa’s Afternoon Tea Set” will be held from Tuesday, September 1 to Wednesday, September 30, 2020, at Hotel Nikko Osaka’s Fountain on the first floor.

Osaka’s specialties are now sweets and savories

Naniwa’s Afternoon Tea Set is an afternoon tea set featuring sweets and savories based on Osaka’s specialties. The lineup of sweets includes unique Osaka-inspired desserts such as a cake in the shape of Dotonbori’s “celebrity”, a chocolate cake that looks like a kushikatsu (Japanese meat cutlet), and a takoyaki-like petit puff.

In addition to sweets, there will also be savory dishes such as octopus quiche and mini-tomato and camembert cheese skewers, which are inspired by the flavors of Osaka in an afternoon tea format.

Naniwa’s Fruit Juice, such as lemonade and mixed juice, is also available.

From August, Naniwa Fruit Juice, which comes in three varieties, will be available at the Fountain on the first floor and the Lobby Lounge on the second floor. The lemonade is topped with sliced lemons, mint, blueberries and cherries for a gorgeous look. There will also be banana juice made without sugar and milk, as well as mixed juice, a favorite in Osaka.


Naniwa’s After noon tea set

【Sales Period】Sep 1 (Tue) – Sep 30 (Wed), 2020
【Location】Hotel Nikko Osaka, 1st floor “Fountain”.
【Address】1-3-3 Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
【Hour】13:00 – 17:00 (*Afternoon tea sets are available for two hours)
【Price】3,800 yen per person with coffee or tea, 5,000 yen per person with a glass of champagne
*Refillable drinks (coffee, tea) are available
*Rates are exclusive of service charge and consumption tax.