【Hotel Nikko Osaka】Matcha Afternoon Tea will be available in May only.


Hotel Nikko Osaka in Shinsaibashi will start to offer “Matcha Tea Afternoon Tea Set” at Tea Lounge “Fountain” from May 1st to May 31st, 2019.

Heading to early summer, we welcome the season of fresh green. Afternoon tea set of Matcha with fresh green image will appear in the spacious tea lounge facing the Ginkgo tree-lined tree of Midosuji with sparkling green.


Matcha Afternoon tea set

Period / May 1st to May 31
Location / Hotel Nikko Osaka 1st floor, Tea Lounge, “Fountain”
Hour / 13:00 – 17:00 (Use of the afternoon tea set is 2 hours)
Price / 3,700 yen per person with coffee, tea or ice green tea
5,000 yen per person with glass of champagne
※ You can change the type of drink (coffee, tea, ice green tea)
※ 10% discount for One Harmony members

・Matcha brownie
・Matcha pound cake
・Matcha tea rare cheese tart with eggplant peel
・Pari Brest of Matcha
・Matcha Roll and Azuki Cream
・Matcha chocolate
・Matcha jelly
・Komatsuna and banana and kiwi smoothie
・Red cabbage, carrot, egg sandwich
・Cream cheese tart
・Shimeji and spinach quiche with raw ham
・Confiture 2 types (Apricot jam, clotted cream)