【Hotel Nikko Osaka】Six types of “premium shaved ice” with a rich taste are now available!


Let’s blow away the hot summer by eating the most luxurious shaved ice!

At Fountain, a tea lounge on the first floor of the Hotel Nikko Osaka, six types of “premium shaved ice” with a smooth and milky melt-in-your-mouth experience are now on sale for a limited time from June 1 (Mon) to August 31 (Mon).

Clockwise from top left.) Blooming Strawberries. 2,000 yen + Tax / Melon Dot Melon 5,500 yen + Tax
Chocolate & Orange. 2,200 yen + Tax / Peach Heaven 2,000 yen + Tax

Shaved ice with a whole muskmelon

The Melon Dot Melon, 5,500 yen (tax and surcharge not included), is a luxurious shaved ice made with a whole muskmelon, the king of fruits.

The melon is served in a melon bowl with a layer of fluffy milk syrup ice and melon juice espresso, topped with a hollowed-out melon pulp.

Premium shaved ice with an adult taste.

The Chocolate & Orange 2,200 yen (tax and surcharge not included) is a new product created by the patissier using 70% cocoa chocolate from Valrhona in France.

The topping is caramelized hazelnuts, roasted almonds, and vanilla ice cream. The rich chocolate ice, orange espresso and orange sauce combine to create an adult taste.

Colorful shaved ice

Other shaved ice varieties include the Strawberry Shaved Ice “Blooming Strawberry” (2,000 yen (tax and surcharge not included), which is a strawberry shaved ice that looks as if it has bloomed with ice flowers, and the “Kakiigoori Japon” (1,700 yen (tax and surcharge not included), which is a double shaved ice topped with bittersweet green tea and fragrant hojicha espresso and topped with azuki beans and bracken rice cakes.

June and July Limited Products

Apple Mango Fountain, a tropical shaved ice topped with mango hoppers, is available for 1,700 yen (tax and surcharge not included) as a limited-edition product for June and July.

Shaved ice for August only

A total of six types of shaved ice with a sense of premiere are lined up, including “Peach Heaven”, a peach-filled shaved ice that is sold only in August and is the most popular shaved ice item every year (2000 yen (tax and surcharge not included)). All shaved ice is served with condensed milk, so you can enjoy the change in taste if you like.


“Six types of premium shaved ice.”

【Sales Period】June 1 – August 31, 2020
【Restaurant】Hotel Nikko Osaka, 1st floor, “Fountain
【Hour】10:00 – 21:00
【Address】1-3-3, Nishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City