【Hotel Nikko Osaka】The “Cherry Blossom and Strawberry Afternoon Tea Set” is now available only in April.


The “Cherry Blossom and Strawberry Afternoon Tea Set” will be offered at the Hotel Nikko Osaka Tea Lounge “Fountain”. It will run from Wednesday, April 1 to Thursday, April 30, 2020.

Cherry and Strawberry Afternoon Tea Set

The “Cherry Blossom and Strawberry Afternoon Tea Set” is an afternoon tea set where you can enjoy the collaboration of cherry blossoms and strawberries. It is a beautiful afternoon tea with pink sweets and food, and you can enjoy the atmosphere of cherry blossom viewing in the hotel lounge.

The lineup of sweets includes “Sakura and Strawberry Mont Blanc”, “Sakura Flavored Madeleine” and “Sakura Roll Cake”, which is a strawberry cream wrapped in cherry bean jam cream. You can enjoy a variety of sweets such as “Sakura and Strawberry Mousse” which has a melty texture, “Sakura Julee” which is cool and refreshing, and “Sakura Mochi” which is a Japanese sweets.

The restaurant also has a menu featuring cherry blossoms and strawberries on its food menu, including “cherry blossom and spinach quiche” and “strawberry cold pasta”.


Cherry and Strawberry Afternoon Tea Set

【Sales Period】April 1 – 30, 2020
【Location】Hotel Nikko Osaka Tea Lounge “Fountain” (1st floor)
【Hour】13:00 – 17:00 *Afternoon tea set is available for 2 hours.
【Price】3,800 yen + tax per person with coffee or tea (service charge not included)
5, 000 yen + tax per person with a glass of champagne (service charge not included)
You can change the type of drink (coffee or tea).
<Pastries>: Sakura and Strawberry Mont Blanc, Sakura and Strawberry Ganache Ruby Chocolate, Fresh Strawberry Coop, Sakura flavored Madeleine, Sakura Julee, Sakura and Strawberry Mousse, Sakura Roll Cake, Sakura Mochi
<Savory>: Cherry Blossom and Spinach Quiche, Shrimp and Avocado Croissant Sandwich, Cream Cheese and Walnut Tortilla Roll, Strawberry Chilled Pasta, Strawberry Scones
<Confiture> – Cherry jam and clotted cream
*No take-out.