【Hotel Nikko Osaka】Weeks of Ultimate Parfait!


On the 1st of April at The Tea Lounge “Fountain” where located on the 1st floor of Hotel Nikko Osaka, the “Weeks of Ultimate Parfait” began.

Luxury Parfait

Melon et Fraise

4,850 yen

It’s the ultimate parfait with plenty of muskmelon and fresh strawberry. The melon bowl topped with strawberry, vanilla ice cream, chocolate etc.

Matcha Parfait au Jardin

1,850 yen

It’s a parfait of green tea with green tea in the image of a garden. Please enjoy delicious and elegant parfait filled with various sweets such as green tea ice cream, soy flour and ice cream of brown sugar.

Shop Information

Tea Lounge, Fountain @ Hotel Nikko OSAKA

Hour / 10:00 – 21:00 (Order of parfait is from 11:00)
Phone / 06-6244-1695 (No need to reserve.)