【Hyatt Regency Osaka】Strawberry sweets buffet, which arranges popular sweets of each country with strawberry, will be held for a limited time.

Hyatt Regency Osaka’s Strawberry Sweets Buffet “Globe of Berries” will be held on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from January 11th (Sat) to May 10th (Sun).

Arrange popular sweets from around the world with strawberry

In 2020, the theme of “Globe of Berries”, there will be a menu of popular sweets from all over the world. You can enjoy a variety of bright sweets that look like the contrast between strawberry red and the trendy white cheese.

Red and white sweets finished in the theme color “Red & White”

Among other sweets, pastry chef Koji Ouchi recommends “Strawberry Chocolate Terrine” and “Mont Blanc of Waguri (Japanese Chestnut) and Strawberry”, which are arranged from terrines that were popular in the previous chocolate sweets buffet. “Strawberry chocolate terrine” is a special product that is arranged red of strawberry and “Waguri and Strawberry Mont Blanc” is a special dish made by arranging cheese white with the theme color “Red & White”. Each is a special dish arranged with the theme color “Red & White”.

“Paris Brest” / “Strawberry Chocolate Terrine” / “Strawberry Canelle”

“Schwarzwerderquish Torte” / “Lamington” / “Monch Blanc of Japanese chestnut and strawberry”

Eat and compare 4 types of cheesecake

Keep an eye out for the table comparing 4 types of cheesecake. Here, you can find the baked cheesecake Aiasche, which is a confectionery in Dresden, Germany, the Basque cheesecake loved in the European Basque region, the classic New York cheesecake, the Italian tiramisu, and a cake made from cheese from various countries. You can enjoy a comparison of eating cheesecakes that are combined.

All you can eat fresh strawberry

In addition, all-you-can-eat fresh salmon with different brands appearing on a daily basis, Hyatt Regency Osaka’s icon suite “Paris Breast” finished with a bright red open type, “Schwarzwerder Quisch Torte”, which arranges the German snack “Black Forest”, There are about 20 types of strawberry sweets, such as “herb tea jelly with white strawberries” provided as welcome sweets.


Hyatt Regency Osaka Strawberry Sweets Buffet “Globe of Berries”

【Period】January 11, 2020 (Sat)-May 10 (Sun), Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only
【Hour】<Two-part system> Part 1 12:00-14:00 / Part 2 14:30-16:30
【Locaion】Lobby Lounge at 1st floor of Hyatt Regency Osaka
【Price】4,900 yen + Tax
*4900 yen goes to 4,500 yen when visiting with strawberry items or strawberry colors items
【Reservation】 06-6612-1234