【Hyatt Regency Osaka】Sweets buffet “Matcha Mania” will be held on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays for limited time!


Matcha Sweets Buffet, “Matcha Mania” will be held for limited date, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays from May 11th to the end of September at City Resort Hotel “Hyatt Regency Osaka”.


“Paris-Brest” which became the icon of the sweets buffet in Hyatt Regency Osaka. (A Paris-Brest is a French dessert, made of choux pastry and a praline flavored cream.) The first open type in this season and it looks even more colorful. The main theme of Matcha Paris-Brest is provided throughout the period, and the sub-theme below can be enjoyed together with seasonal fruits as well.
May-June: Melon and Cherry, July-August: Lemon and Mango,
September: Grapes

The latest tart has the aroma of three kinds of tea leaves.

The chefs most recommend in this season are the three “tea leaf tart selections”. Tart dough is overlaid with damande dough (baked almond cream), and then coated with green tea, hojicha and Earl Gray jelly-like jam to give a milk mousse with a soft texture. It is a new tart that you can enjoy the aroma of three kinds of tea leaves in a latte sense.

Asian sweets also debut!

At the “Special Station”, two Asian sweets will appear for the first time.
There are two types of asian sweets which are body-friendly Taiwanese sweets, “Tofua” and “Matcha cold chilled Zenzai” which is happy for the coming season.

For drinks, you can choose from 7 kinds of Japanese tea, such as Gyokuro, Sencha, Brown Rice Tea, Karigane, Kyo-Bancha, Hojicha, and Sencha (Cold Tea), combined with your favorite sweets, as well as coffee and tea. You can enjoy as many drinks as you like, along with sweets.


Matcha sweet buffet, “Matcha Mania”

Location / Hyatt Regency OSAKA 1st Floor, “Lobby Lounge”
Date / May 11 (sat) – Sep. 29 (Sun) *Only on weekends and holidays
Time / 12:00 – 15:00 / 15:30 – 18:00 *2 part system
Price / Adult 4,700 yen (+tax & service fee)
Benefit / 4,400 yen for your visit with green clothes and accessories.
Reservation / 06-6612-1234 or below