【Intercontinental Hotel Osaka】 The 2020 Christmas cake is now available for pre-order from November 1.


The 2020 Christmas cake from the InterContinental Hotel Osaka will be available for reservation from Sunday, November 1, 2020 until Tuesday, December 22, 2020.

A pop-up strawberry short with a “Santa Claus” image

Every year’s popular strawberry shortcake has a Santa Claus-inspired pop twist. The top is adorned with a Santa Claus belt motif and richly decorated with brightly colored strawberries. The deep-flavored almond dough is combined with rich cream for a luxurious taste.

InterContinental Hotel Osaka Strawberry Christmas Shortcake 4,400 yen (12cm x 12cm) / 6,500 yen (18cm x 18cm) (Tax included)

A cake layered with praline mousse and chocolate ganache

On the other hand, the Chocolat Vanille “The Gift of Love” is a stylish looking cake. A rich praline mousse and 70% cocoa Valrhona chocolate ganache are layered with a luscious whipped cream of Madagascar vanilla.

The Gift of Love” 4,000 yen (12cm x 8cm) / 5,950 yen (18cm x 8cm) *All prices include tax

A strawberry tart in the shape of a “reindeer”

In addition, the Amao Strawberry Tart is a strawberry tart with an image of a reindeer. The mellow pistachio cream and cookie dough base is decorated with an abundance of custard cream and rich sweet strawberries.

Amao strawberry tart: 4,200 yen (12cm diameter) / 6,200 yen (18cm diameter) *All prices include tax


InterContinental Hotel Osaka 2020 Christmas Cake

【Reservation Period】 Nov 1 (Sun) – Dec 22 (Tue), 2020 On the official website
【Receiving Date & Loaction】
Dec 22 (Tue) 11:00 – 19:00 Patisserie STRESSED on the 1st floor
Dec 23 (Wed) – 25 (Fri) 11:00 – 19:00 Special counter in the elevator hall on the 1st floor
【Inquiry】 06-6374-5700