【Intercontinental Hotel Osaka】Mango sweet buffet, “Matcha mango” will be held for a limited time.


Mango Sweet Buffet “Mecha Mango (Really Mango)”, the first of its kind since the Sweet Buffet was held at “NOKA Roast & Grill” on the 20th floor of Intercontinental Hotel Osaka, will be held on every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from April 26 to June 30.

Fresh, tropical Mango

The next buffet theme of the annual popular buffet, strawberry buffet is the popular tropical fruit “mango”. They have about 35 items full of ideas such as many beautiful glass sweets that pastry chef Daisuke Kondo specializes in, signature sweets “Mango opera”, sweetness of flesh and saltiness of cheese, and aroma of roasted nuts are the best match “Pizza of mango and pine and honey”. Attention is focused on the lineup of sweets created with the combination that makes the most of the characteristics of each variety, such as “apple mango” characterized by strong sweetness and “pelican mango” with moderate acidity.

Menu example

  • Fresh mango tart
  • Mango opera
  • Mango pudding and Mitarashi sauce
  • Mango chocolate cream tart
  • Contemporary mango shortcake
  • Basil scented mango compote and soda
  • Mango and tropical fruit roll cake
  • Mango and cream cheese tart
  • Coconut mousse and mango jelly
  • Mango with salmon and green onion quiche
  • Cake sale of mango, paprika and mozzarella cheese

Buffet information

Sweets Buffet, “Meccha Mango”

【Period】Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Holiday between April 26 to June 30
(Everyday between April 27 to May 6 )
【Hour】15:00 – 16:30 / 15:15 – 16:45 / 15:30 – 17:00 (90 min)
【Price】4,800 yen includes coffee, tea, and tax
【Location】NOKA Roast & Grill 20 floor of Intercontinental Hotel OSAKA
【Reservation】06-6374-5700 or https://www.icosaka.com/