【It’s coming!!! / Umeda】Starting “Wolfgang Burger Month” at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse!


For one month in October, the New York-based steakhouse Wolfgang Steakhouse’s five locations in Japan (Roppongi, Marunouchi, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Signature Aoyama) will offer “Wolfgang Burger Month” during lunchtime (11:30-14:30LO, Osaka location from 11:00AM), offering a total of six burgers, including five limited-time original burgers in addition to its regular menu of classic burgers. All of these menu items are also available for take-out.

Wolfgang Burger Month.

Wolfgang Burger Month features originality and variety in each burger, with as many as six different burgers at great prices. The 100% Prime Beef Classic Burger is on sale for a special price of 1,500 yen (excluding tax and service charge, regular price 1,800 yen), while the other original burgers are also available at a reasonable price that you wouldn’t expect from a high-end steakhouse.


100% Prime Beef Classic Burger

1,500 yen

Wolfgang Steakhouse’s classic 280g prime grade 100% beef patty classic burger.

New York Style Bacon & Cheese Burger

2,400 yen

A luxurious 280g prime grade 100% beef patty classic burger topped with cheese and thick cut bacon.

Wolfie Burger

1,500 yen

Based on our 100% Prime Beef Classic Burger, this burger has a patty mixed with onions.
This burger is hearty, yet light in texture, and brings out the aroma and sweetness of the onions.

Korean Namul Burger

2,000 yen

A 280g prime grade 100% beef patty sandwiched between spinach and carrot Namul.
Korean style burger with Gochujang and sesame seeds.

Duck Brest & Foie Gras Burger

2,400 yen

A rich burger with a patty made of “magret canard”, a breast of duck raised for foie gras, stuffed with foie gras terrine and grilled.
The duck breast is considered to be one of the best in the world and has a rich, rich flavor.

Cajun Salmon Burger

1,800 yen

Norwegian salmon patty, seasoned with cajun spice and grilled.
Sandwiched with a fresh tomato salsa with spicy accents. Enjoy the juicy, juicy salmon served burger style.


Wolfgang Burger Month

【Sales Period】 October 1, 2020 (Thu) – 31, 2020 (Fri)
【Hour】11:00 – 14:30 (L.O. 15:00)
【Location】 Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Lucua1100 Store
【Address】 Lucua1100 10F, 3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Japan
【Phone】 06-6136-5658