【It’s so good!】 Summer Flavor with a Soda Feeling and the First Secret Shape! Pure Gummi Pokemon Summer Pikachu & Pouchama.


Canlo has collaborated with Pokemon to create new gummies, “Pure Gummi Pokemon Summer Pikachu & Pochama,” which went on sale nationwide on July 19, 2022 (Tuesday).

The sixth in the “Pure Gummy Pokemon” series.

Starting with the limited-edition Puregumi Dengeki Tropika flavor released in June 2020, the Puregumi Pokémon series has so far been expanded to five different flavors. The sixth in the series, “Puregumi Pokemon Summer Pikachu & Pochama,” is a summer version of the “Pikachu & Pochama” flavor released in 2021.

Dengeki Tropika Flavor +” & “Fruit Ponchama Flavor +” for a more soda-like taste

There are two flavors to look out for: “Dengeki Tropika Flavor+,” which combines pineapple and mango juice with Pikachu’s “Dengeki” soda flavor; and “Fruit Ponchama Flavor+,” which is a refreshing combination of muscat and mandarin orange juice and soda. which is a refreshing combination of muscat & mikan juice and soda. Both of these flavors have a more soda-like taste, making them even more perfect for summer.

The first secret type is also available.

In addition to the Pikachu and Pochama types, summery boat and float shapes have been added to the gummy grain lineup. In addition, “Lightning bolt” and “Shizuku (Water drop)”, which are named after Pikachu and Pochama’s respective types, are also available as the first “Pikapure” secret shapes.


Pikachu & Pochama in the Summer of Pure Gummi Pokemon

【Release Date】 Tuesday, July 19, 2022
【Reference price】 150 yen
【Store】 Convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide.
【Official Website】 https://kanro.jp/blogs/campaign/pure22-summer-collection/