【Izumisano】Osaka Rinku Premium Outlets will become the largest facility in western Japan!

The Rinku Premium Outlets in Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture, will be expanded. Such an additional area, including a glamping facility, will open on Wednesday, August 12, 2020.

To the largest outlet in western Japan

Rinku Premium Outlets opened in November 2000 and is located in Rinku Town, across the river from Kansai International Airport. Over 100 million people have used the service through June 2019, after three previous additions.

Rinku Premium Outlets will be expanded to 250 stores with a store area of 50,100 square meters as a result of the fifth phase of expansion to mark the 20th anniversary of the outlet’s opening. It will be powered up to become the largest outlet in western Japan, following Gotemba Premium Outlets, the largest outlet in Japan.

Burberry and Alexander Wang will open.

The fifth phase of the expansion includes 48 stores in an area with a panoramic view of Osaka Bay. The Seaside area, which will be expanded, will have a retail space of approximately 13,200 square meters and will be lined with 38 shops and 10 restaurants including a food hall.

On the first floor, you will find Alexanderwang, the first outlet in the Kansai area, and the import brand select shop La Misola. In addition, Burberry and ESCADA will be the only outlet stores in the Kansai region, and Prada will open as a limited-time store.

The second floor consists of sports, outdoor and athleisure brands. In addition to brands relocating from existing areas, new brands such as ARC’Teryx and New Balance Golf will be added.

A food hall with a view of Osaka Bay

RINKU DINING, a food hall overlooking Osaka Bay, will open on the third floor of Premium Outlets’ first three-story building. This is the first time for the Kansai Outlet to open a Chinese restaurant from California, “Panda Express”, Osaka Sanuki Udon “Kamatake Udon”, Ochazuke specialty store “Komeraku Ochazuke and Irodori Karaage”, and many more.

Rinku Dining will feature a ship-inspired space with art on the walls by WHW! In addition to the food hall, there will also be a pavilion, an outdoor free-standing food and beverage outlet in the expansive Seaside Plaza courtyard, where guests can enjoy snacks and desserts.

Snow Peak’s glamping facility is now open!

One of the key points of this expansion is the transformation of the store into a seaside outlet with an abundance of greenery, taking advantage of its location by the sea. The field is lushly green with palm trees and seasonal flowers of all seasons.

The Seaside Park, the outlet’s first glamping facility and a vast, 20,000-square-meter lawn for outdoor activities, will be located along the oceanfront connecting the Symbol Green Space and the Seaside Green Space in the adjacent Rinku Park.

World-renowned architect Kengo Kuma and Snow Peak have teamed up to create JYUBAKO, a mobile home that offers a luxurious glamping experience with a view of the ocean. In certain areas, visitors can rent Snow Peak gear and experience a variety of activities such as fires. In addition, a Snow Peak Eat restaurant and a Snow Peak merchandising store will open in the vicinity of Seaside Park.


Rinku Premium Outlets Phase 5 Expansion

【Opening Date】Aug. 12 (Wed) 2020
【Address】3-28 Rinkuorai Minami, Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture
【Hour】10:00 – 20:00
【Regular Holiday】Once a year (3rd Thursday in February)