【Japan Exclusive】 LOUIS VUITTON Official Website – A Japan-only wallet in pastel colors is now available.

LOUIS VUITTON presents a Japan-only ladies’ wallet in “pastel” colors.
Louis Vuitton’s new Japan-only women’s wallets include a long wallet with plenty of storage capacity and a compact mini-wallet.

“Bubblegum” pink or cream colored long wallet

Inspired by the iconic “Capucine” bag, the long wallet “Portefoil Capucine” features a shiny LV initial in the center and supple trillon leather. It is available in two colors: “Bubblegum”, a pastel pink color, and “Bloom”, a hazy, dull purple color.

An eye-catching zip wallet with tiny monogrammed flower pulls, the Portefoil Comet comes in a softly nuanced cream color. It is finished in grainy grain leather and soft trillon leather.

(Clockwise from top left) Port-feuille Capucine 157,000 yen + tax, Port-feuille Capucine 157,000 yen + tax, Zippy Roquemie 123,000 yen + tax, Port-feuille Comet 147,000 yen + tax

Dull purple or crystal rose mini purse

The “Porte Feuille Capucine XS” is a mini-wallet version of the aforementioned “Porte Feuille Capucine”. It is also available in two colors, “Bubblegum” and “Bloom”.

The Portefoil Rock Mini, a mini wallet in calf leather, features the LV initials glittering on the flap. The gorgeous crystal rose is sure to lift your spirits every time you see it. The Portofoyle Lock Mini is the smallest wallet in the Louis Vuitton collection and can easily fit into a mini bag or pocket.

From left to right: Portofoyle Capucine XS 88,000 yen + tax, Portofoyle Capucine XS 88,000 yen + tax, Portofoyle Rock Mini 63,000 yen + tax


Louis Vuitton Japan Limited Edition New Ladies Wallet

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