【KARDI Coffee Farm (Nationwide)】Good news for those who like strawberries! “Strawberry bag”, which is a set of strawberry drinks and sweets, will be released from today!

From March 13 (Fri) at KARDI Coffee Farm, rose wine-based “Strawberry Sangria Fizz” with strawberry flavor, “Strawberry Stick Pie” utilizing the flavor of Fukuoka brand strawberry “Amaou”, excellent water absorption “Strawberry Bag”, which comes with a set of “bottle case” using microfiber.

Strawberry Bag 1,840 yen (Tax included)

The contents of the bag

Original Tote Bag

Original design tote bag with strawberry illustrations. It is convenient to carry as it folds down and becomes compact. It may be convenient to return with souvenirs that did not fit in the suitcase!

Strawberry sangria fizz (750 ml)

Sweet and sour sangria sparkling based on rose wine with strawberry.
Country of origin: Spain / Valencia
Rose / Sweet / Sparkling

Original strawberry stick pie (5 pieces)

A stick pie that makes use of the flavor of the Fukuoka brand strawberry “Amaou” and enjoys a crisp texture.

Original strawberry pattern bottle case

The inside is made of microfiber with excellent water absorb ability, so even a plastic bottle or a clear bottle with water drops can be safely put in a bag. It can also be hung on a bag with a strap.
*Not completely waterproof.


Strawberry Bag

【Release Date】March 13 (Fri) 2020
【Price】1,840 yen (Tax included)
【Store】KARDI Coffee Farm nationwide