【Keihan City Mall (Tenma)】Limited cakes decorated with strawberry brands nationwide, such as “Phantom Strawberry” shortcake, are now available for limited sale at Café comme ça!


At Café comme ça, cakes made from carefully selected “Japanese strawberries” from all over the country will be sold exclusively from Thursday, February 6, 2020 to Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

Limited cakes stuck to “Japanese strawberries”

Café comme ça holds a “Japanese Strawberry” fair where you can enjoy strawberries carefully selected from all over Japan. During the period, you can taste limited cakes decorated with various strawberries, such as original varieties developed at the farm and rare varieties with little distribution.

“Kotoka” cake from Heguri-cho, Nara Prefecture, is a cake decorated with a base of Fromage Blanc, a branded strawberry “Kotoka” characterized by rich sweetness and mellow aroma. Kotoka, cultivated in Heguri-cho, which has abundant soil in Nara Prefecture, has a small distribution volume and is a rare brand strawberry.

“Kotoka” cake from Heguri-cho, Nara Prefecture 1,300 yen / piece
Sale period: February 6 (Thu) – February 29 (Sat)

” Pastry chef’s recommended strawberry and raspberry clam shortcake” is a shortcake that uses plenty of strawberries recommended by the patissier on that day. Sweet and sour raspberry flavor is also added to the accent.

In addition, cakes that combine strawberry from Ibaraki Prefectural Fukasaku Farm with custard cream and cakes that combine Tochiotome and mascarpone, which have been awarded at the Ichigo Grand Prix for three consecutive years, will be sold.

Pastry chef’s recommended strawberry and raspberry clam shortcake 1,000 yen / piece
Sale period: February 6 (Thu) – March 18 (Wed)


Café comme ça “Japanese Strawberry” Fair

【Event Period】February 6 (Thu)-March 18 (Wed) 2020
【Store in Osaka】Café comme ça Temmabashi Keihan City Mall
【Address】 Keihan City Mall 2nd floor
1-1 Tenmabashi-Kyomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi
【Hour】10:00 – 20:00