【Kitahama】Quantity & Time Limit! Cream puffs are now available as a casual snack treat to enjoy at home!


The most famous building in Kitahama is located in a building that remains as a retro and stately building built as a bank in the Taisho era Patisserie Five Senses. Those five senses have led to the release of cream puffs on July 5 as a casual snack treat to enjoy at home!

Gokan in Kitahama

A simple, yet persistent cream puff

The new puff pastry is made with Hokkaido butter. The light and crispy savory cookie puff dough is made of pesticide-free corn from Miki-cho, Kagawa Prefecture. We use “Sakura Egg”, which incorporates the “Sakura Egg” into its feed. And it’s filled with a light custard cream with a texture of Tahitian vanilla beans with a gorgeous aroma and a hint of orange liquor.

Isn’t it absolutely delicious already! These cream puffs will be available for a limited amount of time and in limited quantities, so why not find the time to go out and buy them?


Cream puff of GOKAN

【Release Date】Jul. 5 (sun), 2020
【Sales start time】Week day 17:00- / Sat. Sun. Holiday 14:00-
【Price】200 yen + Tax
【Location】GOKAN Kitahama Main Building
【Address】Arai Building, 2-1-1, Imabashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka