【Kitchen Tool】Let’s make the ultimate mayonnaise!

TAKARA TOMY ARTS has released mayonnaise production machine “ultimate MYO” which can make fluffy fresh mayonnaise.

Bread with Soft & Creamy Mayonnaise

Home made mayonnaise

“Mayonnaise” which is compatible with various materials and dishes and often stocked in a family refrigerator. “The Ultimate MYO” is a “mayonnaise manufacturing machine” that can make its “mayonnaise” by yourself! In addition, you can make “raw mayonnaise” with a fluffy texture that can not be readily found in regular “mayonnaise”.

The “ultimate” point that “ultimate MYO” produces is in the mixer part that rotates in two layers. In the lower layer, make the “unfamiliar texture” with meringue mixed with white meat, in the upper layer, make the “taste part” of mayonnaise such as yolk and seasoning, oil, etc. And combine them…”Raw mayonnaise” will show up!

Let’s make original mayonnaise with familiar ingredients!

The ingredients needed to make mayonnaise are familiar ingredients such as eggs, cooking oils, vinegar, salt and pepper. The time required will be around 5 min. As preparation of meal can progress at the same time while turning dynamic mixer, we can make easily.

1 Break the egg and let yolk and white separate. Drop the white meat into the lower meringue cup.

2. Set the mayonnaise cup on top of the meringue cup and add yolk, vinegar, salt and pepper to it and stir for 2 minutes.

3. Set the oil funnel, put 3 serving spoons of edible oil and stir for 3 minutes.

4. Remove the cup and combine the upper mayonnaise with the lower meringue.

Let’s try with various ingredients!

The oil used to make mayonnaise can be anything you like, such as olive oil, sesame oil, linseed oil or MCT oil, in addition to the edible oil used in your daily diet. Similarly, wine vinegar or black vinegar can also be substituted for vinegar. In addition, you arrange peppers, salt like coarsely grounded, rock salt, herb salt and may be adding chili powder or powdered cheese. You will enjoy the rich and your original taste!

Where can I get it?

You can purchase at home centers, variety shops and online shops nationwide.

【Ultimate MYO (Kyuukyoku no MYO)】
Price: 4,500 yen (+tax)
Body Size: W138mm×H 207mm×D 160mm
Package Size: W165mm×H 260mm×D 143mm
Weight: 520g
Battery: Use of 3 AA alkaline batteries

It’s not so big but if you don’t wanna go home with it, you can buy them online below.
Ultimate MYO (English)
Ultimate MYO (Simplified Chinese)
Ultimate MYO (Traditional Chinese)
Ultimate MYO (Korean)