【Komeda Coffee】 New Seasonal Cakes for “Winter and Spring” will be available for a limited time only from January 27 (Wed.).


From January 27 (Wed.), the seasonal cake “Winter/Spring New Items” will be available at all Komeda Coffee stores nationwide for a limited time only.

New Seasonal Cakes for “Winter and Spring”

Feast of custard -The light cream that overflows is the star of the show.-

A lightly textured custard cream with whipped cream and custard is sandwiched between sponges filled with caramel sauce. It is finished with a bitter caramel sauce and topped with caramel crunch. The gentle sweetness of the custard cream and the bitter taste of the caramel sauce are exquisite, making it a dish that you can’t stop eating. Enjoy it with a cup of coffee.

Chocolates Berry -Beautiful like a jewel-

This is a cake of brightly colored raspberries and cocoa-scented chocolate that will make you swoon the moment you see it.

When you insert a fork into the glossy surface coated with raspberry puree, the hidden white chocolate cracks open to reveal the chocolaty sponge and raspberry jam. The sweetness of the rich chocolate and the sweet and sour taste of the raspberries are irresistible.

*Please note that this product contains alcohol.

Roasted chiffon -Bittersweet taste for adults-

A fluffy caramel chiffon cake wrapped with bitter coffee cream and caramel sauce. This chiffon is moderately sweet and has a mature taste. The bittersweetness of the coffee and the fluffy texture are addictive. This dessert goes well with drinks containing milk such as café au lait and milk coffee.

Fragrant Earl Grey -“Instantly enveloped in the fragrance of black tea.-

The moment you take a bite of this tea-flavored Mont-Blanc, a gorgeous Earl Grey fragrance spreads in your mouth.

Inside the fragrant Earl Grey cream is a sponge dough with tea leaves kneaded into it, and whipped cream with lemon dice for a refreshing aftertaste. The topping of pistachios is an accent. Enjoy a blissful time surrounded by the fragrance of Earl Grey.


Komeda coffee’s Seasonal Cakes “New for Winter and Spring

【Sales Period】 Jan 27 (Wed) – Late April 2021 (to be determined)
【Sales Price】 450 yen – 520 yen (Tax included) *Prices vary by store.
【Store】 Komeda Coffee stores nationwide *Sales are limited to some stores.