【Komeda Coffee】 “Shiro-Noir Fromage Berry with melted blueberry sauce and rich cream cheese” goes on sale today for a limited time only!


Komeda’s coffee will launch a new seasonal menu item, “Shiro Noir Fromage Berry,” at all Komeda Coffee stores nationwide from March 3 (Wed), 2021.

Cute and limited edition spring flavors

Komeda Coffee Shop’s popular Shironoire is now available in a cute, limited edition spring flavor. Cream cheese with a smooth and creamy texture is lavishly sandwiched between warm Danish bread.

In the center of the sandwich is a cool soft-serve ice cream, topped with a thick layer of brightly colored blueberry sauce. You can enjoy the refreshing marriage of rich cream cheese and blueberry sauce. There are two sizes available: a regular size that is recommended for sharing and a mini size that can be enjoyed by one person.

【PR】 Blueberry Cheese Cake


Shiro-Noir Fromage Berry

【Sales Period】 Mar 3 (Wed) – Late April 2021 (to be determined)
【Price】 Regular Size 750 – 770 yen / Mini Size 550 – 570 yen
【Store】 Komeda Coffee Nationwide