【KOMEDA Coffee】Four new spring / summer cakes will be sold for a limited time from April 10!


Four new spring and summer cakes will be released on April 10 at Komeda Coffee. It’s scheduled to be sold until the beginning of September, and the price is 420 yen each (tax included).


“Maru tto cheese cake”
(Round Cheese cake) 420 yen

It’s a cheesecake with a cute round form. Based on the crumb feeling of biscuits, it’s added super soft souffle and smooth rare cheese. It’s a luxury dish that you can enjoy two kinds of cheeses.

“Mo Mont Blanc”
(Peach Mont Blanc) 420 yen

A fresh yoghurt-flavored cream with a peachy nose that tickles the nose, wrapped in a refined white peach cream. Please enjoy the texture of the peach dice hidden inside.
※ A minor amount of alcohol less than 1% is included.

“Amaoru” 420 yen

Amaou strawberry cream and jam are sanded with strawberry sponge and finished with crumb. It’s a cake filled with the deliciousness of Amaou strawberry that strawberry lover agrees.

“Tea marble” 420 yen

Komeda’s chiffon fabric is moist and fluffy. A chiffon with a relaxed aroma of Earl Gray is finished in a noble marble pattern. Please enjoy with the moderate sweetness of the cream.

Save on the set!

Enjoy a set of 16 drinks including blended coffee, a new cake, and mini shiro-noir. Choose your favorite menu according to the mood of the day! For snacks when you get hungry, and for rewards when you do your best!
You can order from 14:00 to last order and it will be 750 yen to 800 yen.
*Sales prices will be different depends on store.

Ms. Komeda selectable dessert set