【Komeda Coffee】Introducing the new version of Komeda Coffee’s speciality, Shiro-Noir! Juicy Pine is coming out on April 8th!


Komeda Coffee will release seasonal “Shiro Noir Juicy Pine” at all its stores nationwide from Wednesday, April 8, 2020.

Shiro-noir Juicy Pine

Shiro-noir Juicy Pine is a tropical Shiro-noir with pineapple and coconut flavors. The refreshing aroma of pineapple juice and the juicy texture of pineapple dice make this a delightful dish.

The pineapple cream sandwiched between the creamy Danish buns has a hidden flavor of cream cheese that adds a richness to it. A fruity pineapple sauce with pulp and a lightly fragrant coconut powder enhance the refreshing sweetness. It goes well with chilled soft ice cream, making it perfect for early summer. There will be a regular size to enjoy sharing and a mini size for dessert.

Shiro-noir Juicy Pine 750 – 770 yen


Komeda Coffee, “Shiro-noir Juicy Pine”

【Sales Period】April 8, 2020 (wed) to late May 2020 (to be determined)
【Store】Komeda coffee shops across the country
【Menu】Shiro-noir Juicy Pine 750 – 770 yen, Mini size 550 – 570 yen
*Prices may vary from store to store.