【KOMEDA Coffee】Limited time Shiro-Noir from April to May.


Limited Time Shiro-Noir

Shiro-Noir is a signature dish which is fluffy danish pastries topped with soft ice-cream. Seasonally limited Shiro-Noir “Cheese Tart” is available for a limited time from April 1st.

Seasonally limited Shiro-Noir “Cheese Tart”

The “Cheese Tart” Experience Unique to Shiro-Noir!

Komeda coffee express basic sweets “cheese tart” which is characterized by “crispy and fluffy” texture of succulent tart dough and thick cheese mousse in Shiro-Noir! The crispy in-house Danish bread is filled with smooth cream cheese, and the soft cream topped with apricot sauce. Cream cheese is added with a moderate acidity accent of apricot sauce, making it a refreshing taste not too sweet. Experience the contrast of different textures, such as mellow cream cheese, saucy danish dough, and the crispy feel of the topped fiantine.

Seasonally limited Shiro-Noir “Cheese Tart” 750 yen (+tax)

Let’s enjoy the fresh spring with it!

Cream cheese is one of the fresh cheeses. Fresh cheese that is not aged is characterized by lighter acidity and fresher flavor than other cheeses, and it’s also good for rich coffee and fresh tea. Please enjoy it with your favorite drink. There is regular size which you can share with your friend or family and mini size which will be right size for you is available.

Mini-size 550 yen


Seasonally limited Shiro-Noir “Cheese Tart”

Period / April 1 2019 to the end of May
Price / Regular size: 750 yen, Mini size: 550 yen