【Komeda Coffee】Seasonal Shiro-Noir in collaboration with “Kumamon” is on sale now!


Komeda Coffee Shop has launched a new seasonal white noir, Shiro Noir Kumamoto Mont Blanc, in collaboration with Kumamon, on sale nationwide from Wednesday, October 14, 2020.

Shiro-Noir Kumamoto Mont Blanc

Shiro-Noir Kumamoto Mont Blanc is a seasonal white noir made from the famous Japanese chestnuts of Kumamoto prefecture, the hometown of Kumamon.

The warm Danish bread is filled with creamy Japanese chestnut sandwiches and topped with a double layer of Japanese chestnut cream along with soft cream. Crushed crepe dough is adorned with piantain for a “crunchy” finish.

The white noir, which makes use of the flavor of fluffy Japanese chestnuts that are only available in season, has a rich taste, just like eating a “chestnut Mont-Blanc”. There are two sizes available, a standard size for sharing and a mini size for teatime, so if you’re curious, head on over to the nearest store.

Shiro-Noir Kumamoto Mont Blanc 750 yen – 770 yen


Shiro-Noir Kumamoto Mont Blanc

【Sales Period】 Oct 14, 2020 (Wed) – Late November 2020 * to be determined
【Price】 750 – 770 yen / Mini 550 – 570 yen *Prices vary by store.
【Store】 Komeda Coffee Shop Nationwide